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Seattle actress Mia Tesfay (you may have seen her in Awolnation’s Hollow Moon video) models the Veda ‘Jayne’ bordeaux jacket, a Nordstrom exclusive.

When no less than Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and Elle are raving about a brand, the world takes notice. Such is the case with Veda, and notable fashion bloggers Aimee Song (Song of Style), Natalie Off Duty and Dylana Suarez are joining the party, having all been photographed in the Jayne jacket, a luscious suede variation on the moto trend.

As part of our Anniversary Sale, we’re offering this exciting exclusive: the much-coveted Veda ‘Jayne’ suede moto jacket in bordeaux, a perfect-for-fall hue that isn’t available anywhere else. The Thread spoke to Veda designer Lyndsey Butler about leather, design and this much desired moto. Read on for our Q&A.


What is it about leather that you love so much?

Leather lasts forever and usually gets better with age. I enjoy seeing how the perfect leather jacket changes over time. I’ve always been drawn to super-thin leathers that behave like drapey silk fabrics, and I love being able to use thin, soft leathers to create pieces for the collection other than jackets.

How has your upbringing, bouncing back and forth between Texas and Argentina, shaped your approach to design?

There’s a lot of richness to be found in Western American and South American dress. Western wear was greatly influenced by traditional Native American dress, and leather is an important part of both cultures. My upbringing has helped me discover parallels between these two influences and use them in subtle ways in each collection.

What is it about the Jayne jacket that makes it so special?

It was designed and inspired by one of our (my) muses, Jayne Min, who has the blog StopItRightNow. She was looking for the perfect leather jacket and knew exactly what she wanted. It was really fun to create the jacket specifically for her. People kept asking us where they could buy the jacket that Jayne had–we made a few for our website and they sold out, so we knew we had something really special.


Where did you find inspiration for the bordeaux hue?

We tend to work with deep, rich hues during the fall season. I thought the bordeaux color was interesting but wearable–not as bright as some of our spring leathers. It’s a colorful neutral.

How do you style your Jayne jacket?

I actually wear my Jayne jacket year-round, so it changes from season to season. I think that’s the great thing about leather jackets–you can wear them on chillier summer nights, and in the winter under your parka when it’s snowing. And during those transitional months, it’s the perfect outer layer.

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Photos by Brooklyn Benjestorf of Seattle Peach