Peter Pilotto Designers on Making It All Come Together

Peter Pilotto is actually Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos; together the duo makes up one of the most iconic modern British brands. Among the first designers to really blow out digital prints, the pair’s East London-born collections continue to explore the edges of color, clash, texture, textile and figuring-hugging fit. We talked to them about structure and saturated color, and harmony in fashion and design.

The Thread: Both fit and print or pattern are integral to your line; do you tend to start with one or the other? In other words, do you scale the pattern of the textile depending on the fit of the piece, or does the pattern or print on the textile dictate the way the silhouette emerges?
De Vos: Sometimes a print will dictate the shape of a garment and other times the cut will dictate the graphics. It really depends on the item, but we work on both aspects simultaneously to ensure they complement each other and create the most flattering combination.

How do balance your contributions to each collection, and how do you work as a team in general? 
Pilotto: We work both together and separately at various stages of the collection. I tend to work more on the graphics and Christopher more on the silhouettes, but increasingly we are both involved in every aspect of the collection and decision-making process.
De Vos: Ultimately we have the same taste so it’s not really about who did what, as we make all the decisions on the collection together.

Please reflect back on the fall collection recently presented during London Fashion Week (shown above) and share with us your inspiration and process.
We were rediscovering board games by analyzing the artistic side to them; we wanted to reinterpret their dynamic circuit layout, to give a sense of movement. We loved the timeless quality of the boards and wanted to translate this into different mediums.

Top image, from Fall 2015 Fashion Week, courtesy Peter Pilotto; GIF images from current season Peter Pilotto

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—Laura Cassidy