Pop-In: 4U, Small Packages

The curated collection of gifts in our pop-in shop runs the gamut from cheeky to chic and big to bitsy. Today we’re putting a spotlight on the little gems; they’re just right for stocking up a gift drawer so you always have something on hand during those unexpected times when you need a last-minute gift. Here are two cuties for inspiration. See all the gift-worthy treasures in our Pop-In Shop.

1. ‘MIMOBOT® – Star Wars™” 8GB USB Flash Drives from Mimoco. Ideal for storing dastardly plans for destroying the Death Star…or beloved kitty GIFs.

2. ‘Let’s Hang’ Zipper Pulls from Kidrobot. There are 26 different charms, and each unmarked box contains one adorably nonsensical surprise friend for your recipient and his/her zipper.