How to Win Nike Air Max Sneakers and Have a More Radical Life with Nike Women Pop-In@Nordstrom

If what goes around truly comes around, hold on to your seat; the next 30 days are gonna be one heck of a good ride.

The just-launched Pop-In is all about girl power and all the various ways that girls can be powerful. Now through May 24, Nike Women Pop-In@Nordstrom offers an armload of opportunities on the daily: you can win free kicks, you can shop for cool gear, you can be your physical best and you can make the world around you a more beautiful place.

And if you believe in karma, you know you might as well get started sooner rather than later …

+ Yep, we’re giving away a free pair of Nike Air Max sneakers every day.

+ Even those lucky winners will probably want to build on the look with fresh Nike Women workout/wear-out gear and accessories, and hey, don’t sleep on the other sneaker styles—like the ultra-new, floral-chic City Pack series.

+ As for that karma, which you’ll probably want in your back pocket as you enter to win, build it and bolster it with daily challenges aimed at strengthening your body, mind and the relationships that sustain you. Each day we’ll post a new workout tip from our friends at Nike, and we’ll also post a fun kindness prompt. Because when you look good, you feel good—and when you do good, you shine even brighter. And nothing is brighter, shinier and more powerful than being kind to yourself and the people around you.

+ You’ll also want to watch this space for posts and profiles about the women—and their workout moves—who inspire us. We expect you to weigh in too; use the #nordstrompop tag on Instagram to chime in about what and who motivates you.

Now, go forth and get it, Girl. (Shout-out to all you gents: we’re more than happy to have you play along, too.)

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