Pop-In@Nordstrom Chats with Dean the Basset

Image courtsey of @deanthebasset Instagram.

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Pop-in@Nordstrom x Hanes Chats with Dean the Basset (via Assistant Carly Bright)


It’s a dog’s life. At least on Instagram, where social-media sensation Dean the Basset has racked up 200,000 followers at the tender age of three (hey, that’s 21 in dog years!). With a penchant for pizza and comfy tees, turns out this cool Canadian canine is just like the rest of us.

We interviewed him recently on his new role in fashion, his future ambitions and his close friendship with Olivia Kim, our VP of Creative Projects and curator of the Pop-In shops.

What were your first thoughts when the Pop-In@Nordstrom team approached you about collaborating on a T-shirt? Is this your first time as a fashion designer?
Olivia Kim and I go way back. She has a great sense of fashion and I used to borrow clothes from her all the time when we roomed together at NYU. So, when Nordstrom first reached out to me, I mistakenly thought it was Olivia just asking for one of her old T-shirts back.

I’ve been designing for a while though. I actually invented cut-off jean shorts, but after the success of that venture, I kept cutting clothes off until I was wearing nothing at all, which left me feeling naked. I took this Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes project as an opportunity to get back to basics.

How would you describe how the T-shirt design ended up? What do you love about it? What makes it special in your eyes? What was your inspiration for the designs?
I’ve always been inspired by myself to continue inspiring myself, so when I was asked to create these T-shirts I looked to myself for inspiration. As much as rugged good looks characterize my brand, they can be intimidating. For that reason, I wanted to showcase my softer side with these designs by juxtaposing myself with a daisy flower and heart-shaped sunglasses. As much as I love how the designs came out, I still look quite rugged, so perhaps it was a fail.

What does a basset hound look for in a T-shirt, anyway? What, in your experience, makes the perfect tee?
Bassets look for the same thing in a T-shirt as everyone else—comfort, cool looks and self-expression. That’s why my tees are usually plain white with ketchup stains. It works great when you’re going to a burger joint, but I have to throw a blazer over top to get into the steakhouse.

What will you do to celebrate when the shop opens and your T-shirt is out there in the world?
I’m going to check them out in store, then hit the food court. Or vice versa. I haven’t decided yet.

Now that you have this unique experience under your belt (er, collar?), what’s next?
I’m very glad you asked. Right now, my assistant is taking dictation answers to your questions while I do 300-pound deadlifts at Gold’s Gym. I’m training hard and getting ripped because Universal Pictures called me to say that I’d be a perfect fit to take over Vin Diesel’s role in the ninth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise (loosely titled Too Fast, Too Furry-ous). Once I’ve built my brand further as a big movie star, I’ll go back to being a top fashion designer. Watch for the release of my Dean branded clothing line in fall 2021.

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