Bronwen Robinson, Executive Director of Global Brand Artistry at Bumble and bumble

Photo of Bronwen Robinson courtesy of Bumble and bumble.


Q&A with Bumble and bumble HQ: How to Lock in Dreamy Summer Hair, Anywhere

Every year, we embrace summer’s warmer weather with visions of sexy beach hair—only to realize halfway through the ever-intensifying heat waves that we’ve spent a lot more time commuting to the office than lounging on the beach. Exhibit A: our flat (or frizzy) hair.

So how do we rock a sexy ‘do in the middle of summer if we’re not living the Baywatch dream? With scorching temps and humid hot zones from the Eastern Seaboard to the Hawaiian islands, we thought we’d better consult with a legit hair pro before we stressed another frizzed-out tress.  Enter Bronwen Robinson, executive director of Global Brand Artistry at Bumble and bumble in New York, to answer all our summer hair queries.

What’s a game-changing product that can instantly improve our summer beauty routines?

The Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre-Shampoo Masque has been saving my life all summer. It’s infused with six oils—so it creates a perfect, moisture-rich barrier against salt water, chlorine and sun. Normally, we suggest using the masque 20 minutes before you shower, but you can leave it in if you’re spending the day outside. That way, you actually prevent dryness, frizz and sun damage from happening in the first place.

For the girl who just wants to roll out of bed and spend as little time as possible styling her hair, what minimal-effort products would you recommend?

If you’re washing your hair that day, I love suggesting Don’t Blow It. We have two formulas: one for fine hair, one for thick hair. Both create a refined but natural look with absolutely no effort. If you’re working with second-day hair, just refresh your style with one of our Bb. Primers. Choose one tailored to your texture or go for the general Tonic Lotion Primer designed for all hair. Then spritz all over to reactivate the products that are already in your hair and style in place. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

What products should folks use to combat summer humidity and tame the frizz?

Our Bb. Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil is the be-all and end-all product when it comes to humidity—especially if your hair is coarse or dry. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil is amazing at smoothing out frizz. Another great choice is Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray. It has a similar effect, but since the formula’s insanely lightweight, it’s perfect for finer types.

Similarly, what kind of hair products work best after an afternoon at the beach or pool? We might be grabbing drinks on the boardwalk directly after … .

When I go to the beach, Surf Infusion is always in my beach bag. I love the sheen and dimension it gives my hair after I go for a swim. It just kind of tames my hair, so I don’t look like a hot mess. If you like a sleeker look, Sumogel can be really great for the beach, too. It’s perfect for slicking your hair back into a pony or braid and keeping it there.

Sometimes we need to head out to evening events straight from the office. Is there a magic product we can carry in our handbags to quickly revive our ‘do?

I’d recommend Bb. Thickening Dryspun Finish to just about anyone. It spruces up your look instantly, and adds a little drama. If you lean more toward a soft, smooth style, Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray is great for refreshing hair on the spot, too.

There’s a lot of controversy over whether we’re shampooing too often, too little, too heavily. Can you help clear things up for us?

I could talk about this one for hours. There’s no right answer hereit really depends on your hair. There are two main factors: hair density (fine, medium or thick) and type (oily or dry). Oily, fine hair still needs a break from constant cleansing. Try easing up on the weekends—it’ll actually help slow down your scalp’s oil production. Then experiment from there. If you have dense, dry hair, you still need to shampoo in order to keep your scalp happy. Dryness is always a challenge here, so when you do shampoo, supplement it with a hydrating masque beforehand. It’s all about customizing your routine and finding what works for you.

In the same vein, what are sulfates and why should we be interested in taking our shampoo regimen to a sulfate-free place?

Sulfates seem to have gotten a bad rep lately, which is a bit unfair, in my opinion—they’re not all bad. But again, it’s dependent on your hair type. Oily scalps need sulfates; otherwise, hair becomes flat and unmanageable. The formula as a whole is what matters here. All Bumble and bumble shampoos are carefully created to be mild cleansers that perform in synergy with the other ingredients. If you pay attention to the formula, there’s no need to be afraid of sulfates.

Tell us about your own personal hair regimen and how it’s changed, if at all, since you joined Bumble and bumble.

The thing I love most about our line is the level of variety you can achieve with our products. My style depends on a lot of things, like the weather, my mood and the overall look I want to achieve. Some days I want a sleek topknot, and other days I’m into retro, glamorous waves. With Bumble and bumble, you can have it all.