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Quick Home Decor Fixes That Can Actually Improve Your Life

Pictures of cool furniture and pretty homes excite us just as much as the next decor devotee. But although clean lines and modern colorways lure us in every time, we do try to ascribe to function over pure aesthetics. For this reason, we’ve resolved to make our redecorating this year align with our life goals for 2016.

Chloe duvet cover

Shopping the Nordstrom Limited-Time Savings selection bestows a resolution two-fer by helping to save some cash while refreshing a humble-but-aspiring abode. The sale goes through January 25, so think about what you want to modify this year—behaviorally and decoratively—then jump online for the best selection.

Sleep Better

Reversible duvet Plush throws

A sleepless night means major trouble for the next day, and sometimes several to come. One common tip for a better night’s sleep is to ditch the heavy down comforter for light bedding that can be layered with a soft throw. A thinner bedcover can help your body better regulate its temperature and prevent overheating, which often causes people to wake up or become restless during the night. And a cooler body temperature helps one fall asleep more quickly. If a chill does kick in, rousing you from slumber, keep a cozy blanket nearby to throw on.

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Eat Out Less

zestt Askew plates and bowls

Wusthof knivesWhile there isn’t a restaurant opening that we’d miss, sometimes dining out can be a drag on your wallet and health. Simple but chic everyday dinnerware can make meals at home more pleasurable. Let your lovely home cooking be all the decoration your plates need with stylish ceramic dishes that will be a timeless kitchen essential.

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A good knife can go a long way to speeding up your prep time in the kitchen. If yours are beyond sharpening, pick up a new set this year to shave off minutes spent dicing and chopping.

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Maximize and Personalize Your Space

Throw rugsPoufs to provide extra seating for guests, colorful pillows to prop up on while reading, table lamps to keep the mood just right and rugs to warm the interior: more than just decor, each item gives your place character while making it a sanctuary for relaxation and socialization. A new lamp or rug can dramatically change the tone of your living space without a lot of fuss or heavy moving—and these items won’t add clutter.

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