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Rap Dad Essentials: Gucci Loafers and Sandals


Dad style, oxymoronic though it may seem, has established itself as a major factor in several areas of current fashion. Perhaps you’ve noticed the rise of dad hats (unstructured baseball caps with curved bills), dad shoes (New Balances are hot), Hawaiian shirts and Belichick-esque short-sleeve sweatshirts. The New York Times wrote about it the other day. And you don’t have to be a dad to partake in fatherly flair.

One thing we’ve noticed lately is how dad style is interpreted by some of the most famous rappers of our day, like A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Future and Gucci Mane. All are known to base outfits around key dad values like ease and comfort, while introducing a layer of rock-star luxury not stereotypically “dad.”

In that world-within-a-world—of dressing like a rap dad—many outfits are grounded by Gucci slides and loafers, which set a free and easy tone that says, “No, I’m not struggling for success anymore,” and “Yes, I could retire at any moment.” A good level to be on, if you can get there. Or at least a good vibe and a cool look.

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Wiz Khalifa has said he wants to start dressing his age (almost 30). From the frequent selfies posted on his Instagram it’s clear he’s doing just that—with superb style involving fitted pants, slim jackets, open button-up shirts and Gucci loafers. 



A$AP Rocky came into the game rapping about fashion designers and never looked back. Now he’s a muse for many designers—whether credited or not—and anywhere he walks is the runway. He freely delves into the dad zone and makes up his own rules, like rocking Gucci loafers in a wintry look he wore as spring turned to summer.



He’s a rock star for life, if he’s being honest. Future is also a family man and serious shoe freak, someone for whom chilling on the lawn requires elegant sandals and (likely and recommended) brand-new socks. 



Just to be clear, Gucci Mane’s name is a dialect spelling of Gucci Man (via Southern accent), and what we can take from that is: he loves him some Gucci. This look is luxe-dad mode, Gucci flip-flops coordinated with the shirt.

—Andrew Matson