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Vacation in a Bottle: Aerin Lauder’s New Scent Evokes a Tropical Paradise

Photos courtesy of Estée Lauder

“If you’re in Seattle or London or New York and you can’t actually get away, one sniff of this perfume will transport you somewhere beautiful … and warm,” promises Aerin Lauder about her new fragrance, Hibiscus Palm. Considering the grey skies overhead, we’ll try anything. But this prettily packaged perfume, which celebrates far-off destinations, white sand beaches and sweet-smelling coconut, happily sates our winter wanderlust. It’s like sunshine in a vintage-inspired bottle, a perfumed antidote to the cold and slush outside.

To celebrate the launch of Hibiscus Palm, Aerin was joined by Julie Sariñana, Helena Glazer Hodne and Tina Craig for yoga, massages and trips to the cenotes in Tulum, Mexico—the sort of palm-fringed paradise evoked by her latest exotic fragrance. After a few days spent luxuriating on what would be our dream vacation, Aerin sat down with our National Beauty Director Marynell Maddox to talk about Hibiscus Palm, what makes it so special and the special way she learned to apply her perfume from her grandmother, Estée.

Why Tulum?

I visited about a year ago and I just fell in love with the place. It’s the most beautiful tropical location, with stunning beaches and landscapes, flowers and palms. It has all of the elements that, to me, make it a tropical paradise, which is everything this fragrance celebrates.

Describe Hibiscus Palm in three words.

Sunshine, coconut, white floral.

What is the inspiration behind it?

You know when people ask: “Are you a summer person, or a winter person?” I’m definitely a summer person. I love the beach. Some of my best memories are with my family on the beach, or on vacation. I spent all my Christmases and spring breaks at my grandmother Estée’s house in Palm Beach. My favorite activity? A beach walk. The fragrance was inspired by all of these things—a tropical destination, surrounded by sunshine, palms and flowers.


Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules wears Hibiscus Palm

How do you want people to feel when they wear the fragrance?

All of our fragrances tell a story that allows you to fantasize and dream. When you wear Hibiscus Palm, you can escape to somewhere remote and tropical.

Estée’s fragrance philosophy was this: You wouldn’t wear the same dress to tennis and then to dinner, why should you wear the same fragrance? It’s so true. You have different fragrances for different moods and I think Hibiscus Palm is the holiday point of view. 

Aerin Lauder

What do you layer with it?

It layers really well with Amber Musk, which also has a hint of coconut to it. When you mix the two coconuts, the smell is just divine. My formula: one spritz of Amber Musk, followed by two sprays of Hibiscus Palm.

Any tricks for making your scent last?

My grandmother always used to spray perfume on her hairbrush before combing it through her hair. I love this trick—it’s so subtle.

What about the packaging?

We found a vintage tropical pattern and reworked and recolored it to become the packaging design. And the caps—we always do a different color for each fragrance, but we try to pick an unexpected color. For instance, Lilac Path has a pink cap, Evening Rose has a dusty purple cap and Tangier Vanille is brownish. The brand is all about whimsy and surprise, so we try to depart from anything predictable. Hibiscus Palm has the most beautiful coral lid, which really makes it eye candy on your vanity.


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