New! Rebecca Minkoff’s Jewelry and Ready-to-Wear Goes Perfectly with Her Iconic Handbags

By the time you read this, Rebecca Minkoff will be in the Bahamas. While we’re sure you won’t begrudge the beloved designer her beach break, please know that her time off is extra well-deserved; among lots of other things, she just visited our Seattle flagship where we talked to her about Nordstrom’s brand-new rollout of her jewelry and ready-to-wear collections.

The Thread: What should we know about your accessories collection?
Minkoff: It has all the signature details that you know from our bags. Whether it be studding or pearls with raised teeth—there’s always a little bit of an edge. The hardware and metal in the jewelry talk back to the handbags.

Edgy pearls, they’re having such a moment, huh?
I re-fell in love with pearls, and I wanted to find a way to make them tough. We did pearls even last fall, and I’ve just wanted to continue.

What’s the mood for your ready-to-wear collection this spring?
There’s definitely a boho thing happening. But like this top for example, it’s flowy but it’s not hippy. It’s more artisanal. [Minkoff’s top was similar to this sleeveless shirtdress from her collection, but also a little like this tank.]

What inspired the theme?
A Deborah Turbeville photograph from the ’70s of these women in a bathhouse. That was the starting point; the women are wearing these soft, flowy, slouchy dresses. Her photographs are very dark, and this one was controversial at the time, but the women are always wearing very elegant clothing.

What about your personal style? How would you describe your everyday look?
I always wear something loose anchored with a great jacket. I like that mix-match. [Minkoff’s topper was like this tweed jacket from the Piece & Co. collection, but also a bit like this sleeveless dress from spring 2015.]

Images by Jesse Codling of the Young Moderns