Reliving Prom and Picking Our Redo Dresses

All month, the Nordstrom crew has been having collective flashbacks featuring carnation corsages and Bonne Bell lip gloss. Once the prom dresses arrive in store, we start swapping our adorably hilarious stories and photos—many too good to keep to ourselves.

Here are five of our favorites—including one that ends in a “happily ever after”—plus what the prom survivor would wear now.

Amy Leigh Morgan, Prom

Amy Morgan, Senior Copywriter

This was the first of what would become a series of lackluster proms from 1987 to ’89. For a couple of proms, I went with boys my friends weren’t allowed to date. We’d go in a group and just swap dates when we got to the dance. I was a prom beard!

My mom loved all the proms. She made every one of my dresses, like this beauty in emerald-green moiré taffeta. It cracks me up that the ruffle detail is in style again! (That is one way I know I’m super old.)

If I had it to do all over again now, I’d wear this gorgeous Burberry shirtdress with a tuxedo tie.

Ambra WashingtonAmbra Washington, Marketing Project Manager

I distinctly remember my eyebrows on prom night: I am not sure why I waited until this special day to try and tweeze them myself but, my goodness, what a fail. I suppose it’s one of those “had I known what I know now.”

I would have loved the red carpet appeal of this Katie May crepe gown and made a major statement with accessories. I am simply a classic kind of girl, and wish this had been an option for me back in the day.

Katie ChristianKatie Christian, Copywriter

I abandoned my awful heels under a table as I ran onto the dance floor, and ended up barefoot in my official prom pic. If I had a redo, I’d do metallic booties or block heels that would actually last the night.

Let’s be real, prom is all about the dancing, and this Topshop cutout jumpsuit is READY. Also, you’ll never regret black.

Marcie Rouman, Prom

Marcie Rouman, Senior Copy Manager

I sprained my foot at the senior prom running to the dance floor because the DJ started playing George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex.” My date gave me piggyback rides for the rest of the night. Thankfully, we were post-prom partying at Greg’s house, and his dad was a podiatrist, so I went to Greg’s dad’s office the next morning for a shot of painkillers. I was on crutches for a week.

For my do-over, I’d start with some super-comfortable, made-to-jump-around shoes—the street-style sneaker trend is ideal for girls who need to get their dance on (and might not be that coordinated). I’d go Nike runners or classic black Chucks, with a short dress (like this Alfred Sung one) to show them off.

Nicole Curry, prom

Nicole Curry, Senior Copy Editor

My date and I had only met about six weeks earlier, and we were from different social circles (I was an alt-rock girl and he was a jock). I asked him to the prom in between classes one day, narrowly ahead of another friend of his. We continued dating all the way through college, got married and now have two kids!

Back in the old days (the early ’90s), we always wore black to formal school dances. But, if I had to do it all over again, I would wear color! This swingy dress in crimson is playful yet sleek, and the beading at the neck adds an extra bit of fancy.

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