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Ritual Cosmology: Relaxation Tips For Every Zodiac Sign | Pop-In@Nordstrom / Aesop


In conjunction with Pop-In@Nordstrom / Aesop–the ongoing edition of our pop-up shop curated by VP of Creative Projects Olivia Kim, this month focused on skincare rituals–our favorite astrologers, the AstroTwinskicked in horoscopes about how exactly each zodiac sign should take special care of themselves.

Ergo, see into the stars, below–and pamper thyself thusly.

Pop-In@Nordstrom / Aesop

Aries: Every zodiac sign is associated with a body part, and for you, Aries, it’s the head. Stress can often result in tension around the cabeza, even intensifying into a literal migraine. So when it’s time for a relaxing treatment, nothing beats a soothing scalp massage for you. Alternative treatments like craniosacral therapy—which involves a gentle manipulation of the head, spinal column and sacrum to calm the central nervous system—can be particularly beneficial for your sign. Of course, your idea of relaxation can also be an afternoon at the hair salon, getting your locks styled, snipped, even colored to create that attention-getting impact that your sign craves. Thank goodness for blowout bars!

Taurus: Inhale deeply, Taurus. Your sensual sign is affected by subtle cues, so why not let your olfactory system send some stress-busting cues to your brain? Wander through a bakery and smell the fresh breads (and let your taste buds have a treat too); explore the perfume counter and sample some scents. Find a signature fragrance—or even get a small bottle of that cologne a favorite family member used to wear—and dab it on when you need a hit of calm or comfort. Aromatherapy, which is the practice of using natural (essential) oils extracted from plants like lavender or peppermint, can be particularly potent for your zodiac sign. Find a massage therapist who uses essential oils as part of the rubdown. As an earth sign, hanging in a pine forest or the scent of freshly cut grass under your picnic blanket can be nirvana too.

Gemini: One spa manicure, please! Your sign governs the hands and arms, which might explain why you speak so effusively with all those waving gestures. Regular “mano-a-mano” treatment time is practically medicinal with all the typing, texting and Snapchatting your social-media obsessed sign probably does. A good hand massage can improve the range of motion in fingers and wrists and improve circulation. Plus, a manicure is fast! With your busy activities calendar you’ll only have to sit still for 30 minutes before you can be off to your other favorite “pamper me” indulgence: meeting friends for brunch or dancing. And with all the people your garrulous sign encounters, you want your handshake to make a statement. Bring on the nail art and eye-catching colors!

Cancer: Let’s be honest, Cancer: You’re a feeler. A sensitive soul who wants to understand and to be understood. For you, spending time with your most comforting crew is the ultimate way to relax, whether you’re cozying up in PJs for a movie night or taking a family vacation to a beach cottage. Food and mood are intimately tied, so nurturing yourself often involves a delicious and decadent meal, maybe even a spread of comfort food involving classic family recipes. As a water sign, hydrotherapy can be rejuvenating. You might even try the hot tub to cold plunge pool circuit at a classic Russian banya or install an outdoor Jacuzzi in your own backyard. A culture vulture, wandering through an art museum or hearing a live lecture can also get you back in the zone.

Leo: As the zodiac’s royal, you tend to have a lot of responsibility on your plate. But you also need to play as hard as you work, which could involve a marathon day of movies and gaming, even a trip to an amusement park. Whatever lets your eternally youthful sign cut loose! You love to be entertained so pick up two tickets to a Broadway play or a stadium concert by one of the greatest performers of the day. Dressing up and going to a lively party where you can mingle, flirt and even show off, can refill your tank too. The finer things in life are your poison so a round of retail therapy is always a great escape. Just make a budget before you start whipping out the plastic because once you start indulging, Leo, it’s hard to cut yourself off!

Virgo: Sun salutations, anyone? With your active mind, it’s hard to stop analyzing and find that patch of (inner) peace. A moving meditation like yoga can help you float out of the thought bubble and into bliss. Controlled, deep breathing, which is common in most yoga sequences, sends soothing signals to your parasympathetic nervous system. And in a pinch, just take a few three-count inhales followed by a three-count exhales, focusing on a word like “peace” or “calm.” You’ll be amazed. But if you’re not in the mood to unfurl the mat, surrender to your silly side, binge-watching YouTube videos while giving yourself a home-made face mask and working on one of your famous DIY projects.

Libra: Slowwwwww down! Nothing throws your carefully balanced Libran scales out of whack quite like being rushed. You’re someone who likes to stop and savor the details, enjoying the power of the present moment. Book a treatment at a high-end spa where you can lounge in a fluffy white robe and spend a couple hours trying out the different saunas and hydrotherapy pools before your appointment. Since your sign is associated with the lower back, a good deep tissue massage can do wonders—and splurging on a great mattress is pretty much a must. As the sign that rules beauty, fresh-cut flowers, jewelry and a great new outfit always lift your spirits. You’re a born romantic, so bonus if you can show off your new ensemble for a date right after your treat yourself.

Scorpio: Jacuzzi, claw foot or AirBath? One thing’s for sure, Scorpio: When the emotion ocean gets choppy (and even when it doesn’t), it’s always best to head straight for the tub. You are a privacy-loving, introspective water sign so locking the door and descending into the bubbles is pure bliss. Bring your diary in with you to record those deep thoughts, then set up your tablet and watch a season of American Horror Story or Scandal or another Scorpio-themed series. Music also soothes the savage Scorpio, so pick up a ticket to see a favorite artist and lose yourself in the sonic escape. You’re a night owl, so hit an after-hours club if you’re craving an encore.

Sagittarius: Fiery, active Sagittarius, getting you to slow down for a self-care ritual is a challenge unto itself. You’re more likely to pack up the gear and hit the hiking or biking trails than you are to spend the day at the spa. Your truth-seeking sign is a natural problem-solver so if anything will get you to sit down, it’s a great self-improvement or spirituality book. Ruled by Jupiter, god of the feast, take your book (or table) to an amazing natural foods restaurant or outdoor café and spring for a delicious meal—and don’t skip dessert. Laughter is the best medicine as far as you’re concerned, so belting out tunes at karaoke or a sing-a-long can be a great way to kick back. P.S.: Crooning (no matter what your skill level) in a group has been proven to release the calming, bonding hormone oxytocin!

Capricorn: Achievement is in your DNA, so even your downtime has to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment to it. You might go for a long hike or run in the park, perfect for a nature-loving earth sign like you; or, you’ll push yourself through a challenging cardio or class to blast away the stress you’ve no doubt built up from having so much responsibility on your plate. You might even try a silent Vispassana meditation to test your limits and tune in to your higher mind. Since your sign governs architecture, go for a long drive to gaze at some amazing houses. While you’re maneuvering through this upscale ‘hood, start dreaming about one of those mansions being your future address. The aspirational thoughts are relaxing and motivating for you—and given your sign’s success profile, you could very well be staring at your one-day home.

Aquarius: Brainy, intellectual Aquarius, you have a powerful mind. Some of the great sages of the world believe that our thoughts create our feelings and our overall experience of the world. And those thoughts can create stress or serenity, depending on what we choose to focus on. Meditation is a powerful tool for your sign, helping you get command of your mind. And with benefits ranging from increased concentration to an improved immune system, you have nothing to lose but a few minute of the day. Tune out…then tune in. As one of the zodiac’s most social signs, spending time with your tribe is also regenerative. Keep the pressure off yourself to play host though and pick a meeting spot or organize a potluck. Or, meet friends for a riveting lecture and go discuss over tea afterwards. You have a special spot in your heart for animals, so spending time with pets, even adopting a cuddly creature, can be boundlessly beneficial.

Pisces: Ready, set, detox! Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac so surrendering and letting go are important themes in your life. But this isn’t easy for your sentimental sign, so you might have to turn up the heat, literally. Sit in a sauna for a good old-fashioned sweat (the skin is the largest elimination organ in the body) or try yoga in a heated room. Juicing—even short-term—can also reboot your system. Since Pisces governs the feet, you’re especially fond of pedicures when it comes to pampering. Give reflexology a try, an alternative medicine technique that applies pressure to various nerve endings in the foot that are associated with internal systems in the entire body. And once you’re back on your feet, take a dance class or meet friends for an epic night of twirling and swaying under the disco ball!