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Sandro Founder Evelyne Chetrite Has the Definitive Answer on How to Dress Parisian

Perhaps no other culture holds such coveted fashion appeal. “How to dress like a French woman” is a directive topic in many glossies. And while unanimous opinion has it that Gaulish gals always look put together yet effortless, it’s ironic that the world strives to emulate what comes to them so easily.

Sandro founder Evelyne Chetrite helped us put our finger on just what it is about French style that’s so desirable. Through both her chic example and our conversation, we now understand that our attempt to look French is so not, well, French. According to Chetrite, the secret is: don’t try too hard, but maybe put on some pearls à la Prince.

We’re excited to begin carrying you this season. What do our customers, who may be unfamiliar with Sandro, need to know about the label? What are your design principles?

Sandro is a Parisian brand that was established in 1984. We design creative and luxury womenswear, menswear and accessories at an accessible price point. The brand is the essence of cool and chic Parisian spirit and the effortless French elegance, with a unique twist. The Sandro woman is confident and independent; she is very chic and sometimes androgynous with feminine style sensibilities. When I design, I always ask myself: will it look good and will it be comfortable? I want women to feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

A look from Sandro Fall 2017

We’ll also begin carrying Maje [founded by Chetrite’s sister, Judith Milgrom] this season. Growing up, did you suspect you and your sister would both be designers? How do you help or encourage each other even now?

We were born surrounded by fashion and sewing machines: our grandfather was a shirtmaker and our aunt was a seamstress. We had this natural love and instinct for fashion, but I didn’t suspect at all that we would become designers.

My sister and I are really close; we call each other every day and like to spend time together on the weekends. Sharing private and professional moments with my sister is something that I cherish. The competition between us is very healthy. We encourage each other all the time and are happy for each other’s success.

Sandro is a family business. Can you tell us about your husband and son’s involvement? What is it like being the matriarch of a Parisian fashion house?

I created the brand with my husband. My son Ilan then created the menswear line, Sandro Homme. Ilan’s involvement came very naturally; seeing the success of womenswear, he thought that the same should be done for menswear.

Family is really important to me. Sandro was created within a beautiful family history and that spirit has always been the core of our brands. It’s a great adventure and I’m proud that we achieved it all together. I feel that each Sandro employee is a member of this family.

 A look from Sandro Fall 2017

Tell us about fall 2017. What should we know? What are the essential pieces?

For fall 2017, we didn’t want to choose a unique inspiration or style. This season, you can freely mix and match all the pieces together and instinctively compose your personal style. At the beginning, we were inspired by Prince and wanted to use the color purple and play with pearls. We were also inspired by a vintage Victorian aesthetic with a modern twist, so we mixed the idea with very contemporary urban pieces. We wish for our customers to express their personal style through Sandro’s wardrobe.

Do you have dos and don’ts, any great style advice for women?

The number one rule is to keep well-cut basics and things that work well on you, and to never try too hard. The key is to make sure it doesn’t look like you spent hours working on your outfit, even if you did.

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