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Sara Battaglia’s Colorful Collection Will Put You in a Good Mood

Like a shot of strong espresso, Sara Battaglia‘s forcefully feminine creations will bring a pep to your step. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Sara is sister to the vibrant Vogue Japan fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert. The siblings always exhibit a lust for life, especially when living is done in very beautiful, very exuberant clothes. If you’re not following them on Instagram yet, you’re missing out on exotic trips and sisterly sessions of dressing up.

But now you, too, can dress up with Sara. Her fall collection is here, and it is certainly deserving of the name Battaglia.

Describe your brand in three words.

Sophisticated, cool and super-wearable.


What is the inspiration behind the Fall 2017 Collection?

Women’s femininity is my constant inspiration. There is a vintage ’50s and ’60s spirit [to the collection] but with a contemporary twist, so you can look beautiful at any moment of any day.

Sara Battaglia Fall 2017

What is your best piece of advice about personal style?

Mix colors and mood! For me it is important to be original, every day. This puts me in a good mood, ready for my busy days.

What is your design philosophy?

The most important things for me are femininity and elegance, even when wearing a men’s suit, and above all, the collection should be wearable.

What is one thing every customer should know about your brand?

I don’t design pieces to last just one season; I aim to create stylish garments that will stay in your wardrobe for many seasons.

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