Guest Editor: SJP Collection Street Style

Achieving great style comes from knowing who you are and celebrating it! For the fourth installment of Sarah Jessica Parker’s guest editor series, the designer pays tribute to six women who represent SJP Collection street style. From Morocco to New York City to Los Angeles, watch the creative vision of Sarah Jessica and partner George Malkemus come to life in true fashionable form.

sarah-jessica-parker-guest-editor-nordstrom-blog-4th-article-sjp-collection-street-styleIt’s enormously flattering and very fulfilling for those of us who work on the SJP Collection to see the shoes out in the world, having adventures across the globe and doing what they’re supposed to do for women.

I love imagining all that grosgrain traveling around—crossing city streets, strolling through parks and universities, sitting in meetings, driving cars, dropping off kids and meeting friends for lunch. And now to see the shoes actually having these experiences is amazing.

The women who submitted their street-style photographs really have their own elegance. They’re all special and very individual. I especially love the different shapes and sizes and ethnic backgrounds. It makes a nice visual montage of beauty.

Hello, Spring: Princess May Jubilo is an NYC-based blogger and shoe enthusiast. Clearly ready for spring, she gives her ‘Etta’ Pumps in Pink Mauve a twirl in Bryant Park.

This picture is fantastically exuberant. The way the skirt flies just captures your attention. It’s like an editorial campaign. Princess clearly has fun with shoes. She has a passion for dressing, and this photograph really tells that story. The Etta just looks gorgeous on.

Jet-Set Elegance: Estefanía is the Madrid-based shoe-obsessed blogger of C2T, who brought her ‘Carrie’ Pumps to Morocco to celebrate her wedding anniversary at none other than the hotel that was featured in the movie Sex and the City 2.

First of all, Estefanía is a very modern woman and I like how specific and simple her choices are. They add up really well and reflect great confidence. Looking at this picture I also feel very sentimental, because I have many vivid memories of working at that very place and shooting scenes with women I really love.

Garden Party Perfect: A curator of cool, Eileen is a co-founder of Fleet Collection, a Los Angeles-based line of clothing and handmade jewelry. The style-savvy designer maintains her ladylike ease donning the ‘Ina’ Pump in Green.

Eileen is so beautiful. I want to put on a pair of Inas just because her entire outfit is delightful. Every color choice is awesome, including the braided belt. I like the fact that she noticed the colors in the background and knew that navy would look great against all those greens. And that skirt, that print, that plaid—it’s amazing! None of it matches perfectly, which I love and respect so much. She doesn’t have rules. It’s an absolutely ravishing image.

9-to-5 Chic: Markessa, from Houston, Texas, shares that she recently went on a job interview wearing her ‘Carrie’ T-Strap Pumps in Black to make a classic and refined style statement. And guess what? She got the job—congrats!

What I adore about this picture is the sense of joy that resonates from Markessa. She exudes a sort of Southern charm. The fact that she boldly ties the bow on her dress instead of making a knot, for instance, tells me that she’s not trying to be anybody but herself. She brought more femininity to the dress by doing that as well, and it highlights the delicate details of her Carries.

City Sleek: Estephanie, a student at Florida International University, likes to rock her ‘Wallace’ Sandal in Metallic Purple around the Wynwood Arts District in Miami.

You really get the impression that Estephanie bought these shoes because she knew she would wear them often and feel confident. Here’s a woman who knows what she likes to wear and how she wants to feel. It’s great to see her in flats because she still looks really feminine. She’s got a beautiful figure. And the metallic purple is the color I would have picked for her, for sure.

Daytime Darling: Christina, the blogger behind Cardigan, walks the streets of Morristown, New Jersey, with uncomplicated sophistication in her ‘Bobbie’ Sandal, demonstrating why a bold pop of mint color is so much fun!

Christina is obviously someone who knows she can wear an open-toe shoe. It’s so flattering on her. I appreciate that she chose a mint hue, which some might reserve for special occasions, and treated it like it’s an everyday color for her. She didn’t worry, “Do the blues match? Is the mint too bold?” She has a kind of casualness that I find very fetching. She looks quite lovely!

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