See and Shop the Unique Furniture Curated by 1stdibs for goop-In@Nordstrom

We may be biased, but we want to live in the world of
goop-In@Nordstrom. Our latest Pop-In is a wonderland of modern wellness, and our in-store experiences make us want to break our lease and take up permanent residence. Credit 1stdibs, an online marketplace that curates beautiful pieces—think furniture, fashion, art and jewelry—from dealers around the world. We partnered with them to make our eight in-store shops sanctuaries unto themselves, each featuring a handpicked selection of furniture and furnishings sourced from local dealers, all for sale and all ideal backdrops for your selfie (we witnessed more than a few). Catch a glimpse below, see the full effect in selected stores and explore 1stdibs for even more.

The scene at The Grove in L.A.

The seating/selfie zone at our Downtown Seattle store