SJP Collection Countdown

I need, I want, I will slip on a pair of SJPs.


The countdown is on for the highly anticipated debut of SJP, a Nordstrom-exclusive collection of Italian-made shoes and other wardrobe essentials designed by actress and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker. Stay one step ahead on all news SJP and our new launches and exclusive offerings when you sign up for e-mails.

A message from Sarah Jessica Parker:

“At long last I am able to share the news of my coming shoe collection and my partnership with Nordstrom in a more official way. When I initially met with George Malkemus to discuss the idea of a shoe line, one of the first things I said to him was that Nordstrom was my dream retailer. And so it seems some dreams do come true,” says the actress and designer.

“This endeavor has been a long time coming, but now that the pieces have come together as they have, with Nordstrom, George and a collection I’m so very proud of, I believe it was worth the wait. I’m incredibly nervous about the launch but so thrilled to finally reveal more details of the collection in the coming weeks. And I’m so looking forward to meeting and actually seeing the shoes on Nordstrom customers as I travel to stores across the country. That will be, I think, the most thrilling moment of all.”

The SJP collection will be available online and in selected Nordstrom stores on February 28.

Get details on the collection and locations of personal appearances at SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Qianna Smith