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New York Fashion Week S/S 2016: Smythe in the Showroom

As we reported last season in these Fashion Week Journal posts, showroom visits  can be every bit as interesting as runway and presentation shows. If you took a FW 101 course, you’d learn that some brands and designers skip the big event scenarios in favor of direct appointments with buyers and the press, and almost all who pull off big shows augment them with similar follow-ups. The cool thing about these one-on-ones is that you get to see the most relevant pieces, typically on a model. Sometimes with snacks. It’s like a private show with front row seats and an invitation to stop, touch, and ask questions.


Today we got to see what Nordstrom’s buyers selected from the popular line Smythe, and we got some inside information from co-designers Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe. Here’s an informed sneak preview of some of next spring’s smartest jackets.

Lenczner and Smythe just celebrated 11 years of lifestyle-focused toppers made in Canada with natural and organic materials. Tailoring is a major hallmark, the collegiate prep vibe is a solid backbone, and cricket, tennis and the sport of real women winning at real life are references that show up again and again in the best way.


The design duo told me that they don’t work from muses or cinematic inspiration; they’re motivated by textiles, nostalgia, details and fits that they know—from first-hand experience—work in the world.



I especially liked this super new-feeling lab coat style—the perfect way to nod to menswear and smile at chic layering all at once. It’s the sort of piece that stays in rotation for months. You’ll just have to wait a few to get it into the mix. 


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—Laura Cassidy