SPACE Designer Phelan x Zendaya and Beyoncé

There’s a really good chance you spent this last weekend wrapping your mind around Beyoncé’s brand new Lemonade film, and if so you very likely took some more time to meditate on the outfits and give it up for the killer urban-earth-girl styling choices.


A still from Bey’s Lemonade, via Phelan

Did you get stuck on Zendaya? Yeah, us too. The plaited and braided singer/dancer looks future-perfect and completely Zen in one of our favorite New York City-based SPACE brands, Phelan. It’s perfect synergy, too, because Amanda Phelan is also a dancer. Her refined and thoughtful relationship with movement and kinetics informs just about everything she does.

Of particular note: her radical knitwear of course, and the way it’s presented. For Amanda, it’s not about typical runway parades but narrative, riveting dance performances that express an entire world of style and emotion.

In “Memorization Techniques,”  Zendaya’s bubble-neck sleeveless crop top and the rest of the current S/S ’16 Phelan collection fold into an exploration of color and light in collaboration with choreographer Shannon Gillen and the dancers of Vim Vigor.

Check it out—whenever you’re ready to tear yourself away from Beyoncé.

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—Laura Cassidy