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Get the Look: The Hottest Sunglasses on the Street at Australian Fashion Week

If eyes are windows to the soul, then sunglasses are the window dressing. Not that your eyes aren’t gorgeous on their own, but squinting in the sun has never been anyone’s best look. And the ladies who fashion know this well.

Our street-style photographer at-large, Crystal Nicodemus, recently spent time on the sidewalks of Sydney, snapping shots of the Who’s Who at Australian Fashion Week. While everyone was rocking impressive looks in their own way, some clear patterns began to emerge in the sunnies department. Here are four shapes gearing up to be summer’s hottest bets—and the unexpected ways in which to wear them.


Ray-Ban’s practical pilot shades feel right at home with your athleisure gear, but TV personality Nikki Phillips reminds us that you can throw a sexy skirt and sandals into the mix. Anchor the look with a sporty striped tee, then load up on feminine details—floral pencil skirt, clutch and heels.

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Oversized Squares

Definitely the most contemporary shape in the bunch, oversized squares feel novel and sophisticated, especially set against reworked heritage pieces. To get the look, fashion writer Kate Waterhouse mixes a Victorian-esque neckline and lace mini with a sweeping Gucci trench. Chunky leather boots add a touch of tough.

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Yes, they’re granny-chic retro—which is why social-media influencer Jiawa Liu’s modern mashup of street-inspired Hilfiger with Saint Laurent’s Lily cat-eye looks extra fresh. The cherry-red acetate popping brightly against the logo-studded denim suit gives the whole look a decidedly Americana feel, even when worn in Australia.

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Round Rims

While John Lennon brought round rims to the people, Ray-Ban modernized them for 2018 with a cool, crisp metal frame. The clean shape lends an understated edge to a tailored black blazer and cascading white ruffles.

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