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Stroke of Genius: A Summer Swim Lexicon

To celebrate the first day of summer, we’re presenting you with list of phrases useful for all of the sun-filled activities sure to follow.

Summer hairBeach combing: Brushing out your sea and sand-matted hair. Consider these products treasures for your tresses.

Solar glare: That look you unintentionally give everyone because you forgot your sunglasses.

Board shortsSpeedo limit: When it’s time to change into roomier swimwear.

Fanny fur: The pilling that results from your bikini bottoms rubbing on concrete or other hard surfaces. Fanny fur signals it’s time for a new suit.

Towelette: A too small beach towel, one that quickly becomes damp after a dip and doesn’t provide space for sunbathing friends.

SPF-bomb: When your sunscreen spurts out of its bottle and all over your clothes, maybe causing you to drop the F-bomb.

Poolite behavior: Etiquette guidelines for sharing a pool, such as making room for others to swim, being aware of your toys and inflatables and corralling your children so they don’t cannonball into strangers.

X-Ray-Ban vision: Hiding your your ogling of strangers behind a pair of conveniently opaque sunglasses.