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Style Risks for Fall: Chunky Turtlenecks and Layered Jackets

We had our in-house aces at Studio N depict a few calculated style risks for the upcoming cold season, because sometimes it’s good to step outside your comfort zone.


Style risk: work a chunky turtleneck sweater into your outfits.

Wear your chunky turtleneck (this really just means a heavier weight turtleneck sweater) with jeans and a casual coat. You should probably not wear your chunky turtleneck with a blazer: you might look like Pierce Brosnan in Remington Steele. Frankly, it’s just not a modern look. But chunky turtleneck + jeans + casual coat = winner. And by casual coat we mean a work jacket, chore coat, utility jacket, anything boxy and slightly oversized so you don’t render your weighty knit an uncomfortable burden.

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Style risk: layer a thin jacket underneath a topcoat.

Within reason, layering multiple jackets is a good look. Not 100 coats at the same time. But a middle piece like a shirt jacket or denim jacket can look very smart. It’s a way to be playful with your clothes and introduce a complementary color or texture. It also lets your topcoat (or another roomy coat like rain jacket, parka or mac–mackintosh jacket if you hate abbreviations) be what it is: your finishing move.

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—Chad Christensen and Andrew Matson