UPF Clothes That Are Actually Stylish

Sunscreen: we all know how important it is. Healthy-looking skin demands it, your mom and doctor want you to wear it, and—with almost every moisturizer including it—there’s just no ignoring it.

Lily Pulitzer Sophie dress

SHOP: Lilly Pulitzer Sophie shift dress (UPF 50)

But if you really want to step up your sun care, add SPF to your clothes. Yep: UPF—ultraviolet protection fabric–is very much a thing, and companies have made it their mission to make fashionable clothing with high sun protection. For starters, a typical white T-shirt has an average UPF of 5, meaning it allows about 20 percent of ultraviolet light to seep through. Synthetic fabrics like nylon, rayon and spandex tend to have a higher UPF than natural fibers, and the tighter the weave, the better. By using these textiles in dresses, shorts, shirts and swimwear, clothing can provide just as much protection as your lotion, without requiring reapplication.

Here are some looks that are short on neither style nor protection. Mix and match them for the right amount of coverage.

MOTT 50 embroidered tunic

SHOP: MOTT 50 embroidered tunic cover-up

MOTT 50 embroidered sarong

SHOP: MOTT 50 embroidered sarong


Billabong Tan Lines sleeveless rashguard

SHOP: Billabong Tan Lines sleeveless crop rashguard

Lole Olivie wind resistant pants

SHOP: Lole Olivie wind-resistant pants

Patagonia Daily Triblend shirt

SHOP: Patagonia Daily Triblend pocket T-shirt

Patagonia Wayfarer shorts

SHOP: Patagonia Wavefarer UPF 50+ water-resistant nylon shorts

ExOfficio Outdoor Minimal plaid shirt

SHOP: ExOfficio Outdoor Minimo regular-fit quick-dry SPF plaid sport shirt

Cutter & Buck Bainbridge DryTec pants

SHOP: Cutter & Buck Bainbridge DryTec flat-front pants

Obviously, you’re going to get some sun at the beach or the pool, but there’s still a way to add some extra protection. High-UPF swim trunks, bikinis and one-pieces have become super stylish. Especially noteworthy is emerging designer Araks, who collaborated with artist Quentin Jones this season on a swimwear collection.

Araks Yanelis bikini

SHOP: Araks Yanelis bikini top | Araks James bikini bottoms


Araks X Quentin Jones Juliet one-piece

SHOP: Araks x Quentin Jones one-piece suit


Tom & Teddy seagull print swim trunks

SHOP: Tom & Teddy seagull print swim trunks

The North Face Pull On Guide swim trunks

SHOP: The North Face Pull On Guide swim trunks

Add these to your regular SPF, and you’ll be golden. Wait, maybe not golden, but comfortable in your skin. As an added incentive, here’s Baz Luhrmann’s rendition of the most catchy PSA ever.

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