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Symbolic Spaces | Pop-In@Nordstrom / Aesop

Now through May 22, Pop-In@Nordstrom is partnering with the much-loved skin care brand Aesop, celebrating the simple virtues of our daily routines. In this blog series, we explore five skin care rituals with Aesop’s own Dr. Kate Forbes, general manager of products and research & development.


‘We carry within us the wonders we seek without us.’ Thomas Browne

On-hand care to calm the senses and ground the whirling day:

  1. Resurrection Rinse Free hand Wash 50mL
  2. Resurrection Hand Balm 75 mL
  3. Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol 60mL
  4. Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

What’s the big deal about freshening up? Dr. Forbes explains.


Nordstrom blogs: This is an emergency toolkit, for you to wake up and freshen up during the day.

Right, all portable items you can have on your desk, in your bag, and use throughout the day. The functional benefit of the rinse-free hand wash, which is a water-free sanitizer, is to clean your hands while on the go, and the other three formulations are moisturizers: for the hands, for the lips, and for the face. The Rosehip Seed Lip Cream is unusual here. It’s cream-based, so if you’re used to that highly emollient gloss, you’ll notice it’s quite a bit different feeling. But it’s highly effective in bringing moisture into the lips, as an ongoing touch-up. The Resurrection Hand Balm I find to be amazingly calming. We talk about rituals, and something like applying a hand cream is exactly what we mean by that. Taking that moment out of your day to apply your hand balm and reset yourself, actually, is almost like meditation. It’s about taking yourself out of that autopilot mode.

It’s almost like drinking a glass of water or taking a walk around the block: healthy on a physical level, but you also get that subconscious feeling you’re doing something good for yourself.

I’m not an expert in that area, but there is a lot of research about the incredible benefits ofin the middle of hours of worktaking five minutes to reset. You can get so much more done if you take that time to refresh instead of bearing down and depriving yourself of breaks. It makes a big difference. I think that’s important to know about Aesop, too: we do take this holistic view. It’s not just the products which can help improve your skin. It’s your diet. Your exposure to stimulating activity. To reading. Feeding your mind. It’s hard to argue that reading a book is good for your skin, but everything is connected. You can’t put one thing in isolation.

–Andrew Matson