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3×1 Founder Scott Morrison Gives Jeans the Couture Treatment

Skinny, selvedge, vintage, boyfriend: spoiled by choice, why is it we still find ourselves lost on the search for the perfect pair of jeans—ones that are durable, but figure flattering; give without stretching; versatile enough to dress up or down; in a classic wash that doesn’t bulge, tear or fade. Could such a thing even exist?

Scott Morrison thinks so—he’s the entrepreneur and denim enthusiast behind 3×1 (the name comes from the 3×1 Right Hand Twill—the traditional weave used for jeans). Formerly the founder of Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, Morrison has positioned himself as a denim demigod with the power to accentuate your backside with well-placed pockets, or elongate limbs with his signature raw hemline.

So we asked Morrison: What makes the perfect pair of jeans? Ahead, the designer explains how 3×1 is revolutionizing the way we shop by reminding us of the elegance of quality denim.


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New Blues: Three Cult Brands Redo Denim

Remember when the only acceptable day to wear jeans at work was Casual Friday? How far we’ve come since denim was strictly off-duty. Lately our office hosts denim-on-denim (sometimes -on-denim) showdowns—and we don’t mind one bit.

The material has been assimilated into all lifestyles, evolving from its workwear roots to become a staple of an elegant wardrobe. To that end, we can’t wait to wear these jeans this fall. When it comes to just-right denim that works at work and on the weekends, these brands have earned their reputations through innovation.

MiH Jeans in New York City

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