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Vacation in a Bottle: Aerin Lauder’s New Scent Evokes a Tropical Paradise

Photos courtesy of Estée Lauder

“If you’re in Seattle or London or New York and you can’t actually get away, one sniff of this perfume will transport you somewhere beautiful … and warm,” promises Aerin Lauder about her new fragrance, Hibiscus Palm. Considering the grey skies overhead, we’ll try anything. But this prettily packaged perfume, which celebrates far-off destinations, white sand beaches and sweet-smelling coconut, happily sates our winter wanderlust. It’s like sunshine in a vintage-inspired bottle, a perfumed antidote to the cold and slush outside.

To celebrate the launch of Hibiscus Palm, Aerin was joined by Julie Sariñana, Helena Glazer Hodne and Tina Craig for yoga, massages and trips to the cenotes in Tulum, Mexico—the sort of palm-fringed paradise evoked by her latest exotic fragrance. After a few days spent luxuriating on what would be our dream vacation, Aerin sat down with our National Beauty Director Marynell Maddox to talk about Hibiscus Palm, what makes it so special and the special way she learned to apply her perfume from her grandmother, Estée.


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