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Saving Lions, Cause-metics and Skin Care Secrets with World Traveler Alex Chantecaille

Last year about this time, we chatted with Alex Chantecaille, vice president of sales and promotions for Chantecaille, about her company’s work to protect the wolves of Yellowstone National Park and her travels to Istanbul. It’s been another busy year for Alex.

We spent some time learning about Chantecaille’s newest endeavor to support conservation and hearing about her favorite places from her extensive, enviable travel calendar. Catch up with Alex, pick up a few new beauty secrets and learn more about the new Protect the Lions Collection, from which 5% of proceeds will be donated to Lion Guardians in Africa.


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Alex Chantecaille’s Guide to Istanbul, Beauty Tips and Work to Protect Wolves

As Vice President of Sales and Promotions for Chantecaille, Alex Chantecaille has to travel the world as part of her job. We’re sure it’s not all glamorous jetsetting, but still. Sounds pretty fantastic! She also has a passion for practicing and promoting stewardship of our planet’s wilderness. It’s a trait that runs in her family–all of whom happen to play parts running the company started by Alex’s mother, Sylvie. And because it runs through the family that still runs Chantecaille, it also runs through the brand, which is known for raising awareness of important environmental concerns.

Alex Chantecaille took some time to tell us about the favorite places she discovered during a recent journey to Turkey and share information about how we can all get involved in protecting our natural resources; she also doled out tips on wearing Chantecaille’s most recent collection and (because we couldn’t resist asking) show us her adorable rescue pup, Ella.


Alex at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
“Do what makes you fly”—from my mom.

That and “start swimming; stop running”—from a friend’s dad who is an ortho (it saved my knees!).

As a beauty expert, what’s the one question you get asked the most, and what do you say in reply?
Which cream/serum/eye cream do I use for night and which do I use for day? As we don’t specify Day or Night on Chantecaille skincare products this comes up a lot. The answer is: it depends on your skin type, needs, and where you live/will be using these products. Climate affects our skin a great deal; we often forget about that when buying a cream. It might be perfectly moisturizing while you’re in Scottsdale, Arizona for a golf trip, but too rich once you’re back home in the humidity of the Northeast.

Depending on your skin type, some creams are ideal for day, giving a boost of hydration and relaxing wrinkles; however, if you’re younger and oilier, this type of cream may be too rich for you. I’m always coaching my team to look and listen to the women in front of them. They need to address the very specific needs of that person and customize a personal regimen for her.

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