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Talking About Great Danes and Good Man Brand with Pro Football Star Russell Wilson

Quarterbacks aren’t supposed to seem oddly clear-headed during what is technically called a “scramble.” But with Russell Wilson, what is really a run for his life often ends up looking like a jog through the park. We’re blown away by his abilities and especially his grace under fire.

As one of the faces of our Anniversary Sale, Wilson talked with us about football, philanthropy, and his modern men’s clothing venture Good Man Brand.

What do you love about the Nordstrom “One-of-a-Kind” Anniversary Sale? Why is it a great time to shop?

Shopping at Nordstrom is always fun and easy. Who doesn’t love finding the newest styles of the season at sale prices? This year I am especially excited for the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom since Good Man Brand, a new fashion lifestyle brand that I am a co-founder of, will be featured.  What an honor for Good Man Brand to have been selected by the Nordstrom buyers to be a part of this event alongside some the best and biggest brands in the world. We think it will help us take a huge step towards setting up our brand for long term success.


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Uncompromising Style with Actor and Singer Taye Diggs

He’s known as an incredibly versatile actor, but Taye Diggs can also sing with the best of the stars on Broadway, which is probably why he’s so busy—he’s just too dang talented. He told us when you’re constantly booked, you don’t have time to shop at a bunch of different stores. Makes sense. We’re honored to be his one-stop destination.

What do you love about the Nordstrom “one-of-a-kind” Anniversary Sale? Why is it a great time to shop?

Well, I just like to shop, period. Right now, it’s the changing seasons. So, loading up on all the fall stuff is exciting.


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Feast Your Eyes: Designer Sneakers for Fall

Gucci 'Bambi' High-Top Sneaker

The story of sneakers in the past few years has been that of the stampeding crossover, from athletics to streetwear and from fashion runways into your business-casual and weekend looks. Right now, with designers at the top of the chain focusing on this area of footwear, it’s safe to say the sneaker knows no bounds.

Four fall/winter styles worth your attention are by Gucci, Raf Simons and Rick Owens (both designing independently for adidas), and Giuseppe Zanotti.

Above, you see what happens when Gucci designer Alessandro Michele teams up with GucciGhost (some background on Mr. Ghost) for a graffiti-inspired high-top. Basically the story here is that GucciGhost went from spray-painting the Gucci logo on walls (an artistic act, if an illegal one) to making legitimate designer sneakers. See what we mean? The crossover is real.

SHOP: designer sneakers Gucci high-tops


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Early Fall Essentials, Including the Rare Combo of Shorts & Long Sleeves


Photos by Steven Patenaude; modeling by Sean O’Leary AKA DJ Soffos, check him out

There are a million reasons to get excited about early fall: football on TV, whiskey makes a comeback, there’s less perspiration on your bike ride to work, your ancient, rusty truck starts to match the foliage…. And you can finally start to wear most of your clothes again. As our Studio N stylist Morgan Dillon puts it:

“Early fall is the beginning of sweater weather, a time to break out layers and jackets. It’s also a time to make some rare outfit combinations. For example: shorts with long sleeves, one of my all-time favorite looks.”

Shop these outfits Morgan put together and be inspired to get creative with early fall dressing. You got this. Note that all the shoes pictured here are by Common Projects, a designer brand that we sell only in stores, with some exceptions. Call us at 1.888.282.6060 to see which colors and styles are available or to place an order over the phone.

SHOP: all men | Calibrate sweater (available Nov. 1; this chunky Vince sweater would also work perfectly here) | ACNE Studios shorts | ACNE Studios coat


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Men’s Street Style Highlights from NYFW


Images by InDigital Images

The sun has set on another New York Fashion Week. Check our coverage of what went down and stay tuned for what’s in store—more Fashion Weeks are coming fast. Because, as our Senior Writer Laura Cassidy likes to say, Fashion Week is really a month.

NYFW was about women’s wear, but of course men came to the shows and strutted in the streets. Click through the slideshow below and you’ll find style icons like Nick Wooster and trends like ripped-hem pants, sweat shorts worn with oxfords shirts, fuzzy loafers, leather trenches and loads of beadwork.


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Fall Trend Report: ’70s California


If you happen to see a cool-dude, West Coast kinda guy from 1975 floating around the streets of current-day Brooklyn, he’s pulling off one of the hotter trends this season: ’70s California. This is a style you can master easily and that looks good on all ages and sizes.

Keys to making it click: wear red, white and blue (and sometimes green—military flair works well here). Drench yourself in denim. Shearling should be your jacket type; bomber works as well. Your button-ups should include flannels, plaids and Western shirts. And for your shoes: high-tops. Converse All Stars are perfect.

That’s it. This is a look that’s about sincere appreciation of authentic brands like Levi’s and recognizing that a lot of what we do now, people did in the ’70s, only better. Don’t overthink it and you won’t mess it up!

SHOP: men’s trend report ’70s California



Native Shoes’ Mesmerizing Nature Video About…Nothing

If you’ve not heard of Native Shoes, it’s a Canadian brand specializing in fashionable vegan shoes, mostly made from featherweight EVA. They excel in their lane and have a few styles that are perfect for the current change of seasons.

To promote their Monaco style—a clean, water-repellent sneaker—Native made a video that we’ve watched too many times to justify. Created by Madbury Club, it is both entertaining and pretty much about nothing. It vaguely reminds us of this classic Spike Jonze-directed skateboard clip.

Watch the ad above. And on the related topic of ads that sort of aren’t, check out Native Shoes’ excellent editorial publication, Native Tongue, after the jump.


SHOP: Native Shoes Monaco lows | Native Shoes Monaco highs


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Men’s Designer Hats for Fall 2016

Men's Designer Hats

If you’re at all inclined to wear a hat, fall is a good time to move to heavier fabrics: wool, knits, heavy cotton blends.

And if you’ve never worn a designer hat, visit one of our stores to give it a try. The details and feel of designer hats (all designer items, really) are best experienced in person—and certain designer brands and styles are sold only in selected stores. Call or stop by to see what’s available.

For a taste of what we carry at the intersection of designer brands and cold-weather hats, here’s a 360 view of styles by Gucci and Givenchy.

SHOP: men’s designer hats


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Sneakers for All Budgets: Wear Them Proud


Photo courtesy @DJmustard

Just a quick PSA here to illustrate how clean sneakers can finish an outfit perfectly, whether they cost $500 or $50–give or take a nickel.

You probably recognize these guys from anything defining West Coast rap in the past few years. You probably recognize their shoes as well. If not, that’s DJ Mustard on the left in Balenciaga and YG on the right wearing Vans.

SHOP: Balenciaga Arena (in stores only) | Vans Authentic | all sneakers

—Andrew Matson

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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear the Farmer Cuff, Big Break and Trim Casual Trouser?

We had our in-house aces at Studio N depict a few calculated style risks for the upcoming cold season, because sometimes it’s good to step outside your comfort zone.


Style risk: the farmer cuff

The farmer cuff (no actual farming required) is absolutely trending. Wear it with no socks or no-show socks, always. This roughly six-inch cuff turns your regular pants into a pair of cropped pants. It’s a lot more successful with vintage-feeling, wide-leg styles.

Alternatively with dark denim or chinos, avoid the farmer cuff and do a clean double roll. Same goes with cargos. Speaking of: there’s a passé but vocal perception about cargo pants being corny, a Disneyland dad thing. Ignore that. The cargo pant is a classic. A small double roll works well with a thin cargo. Since there’s so much going on leg-wise already (the cargo pocket), it’s about keeping it sleek.

SHOP: vintage-wash jeans | cargos | adidas | jackets