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Wish New Moms a Happy Mother’s Day With These Mom-and-Baby Beauty Essentials

There is nothing better than the blissful baby bubble, where nothing can peel you away from that delicious newborn smell. Enjoy every second with the help of a few mom and baby must-haves beyond the bottles and the binkies—all of which are nontoxic and gentle enough for skin-to-skin contact.


Jessica Alba and family Interviews

Jessica Alba Talks Baby Essentials and How to Pack a Diaper Bag

By now, most moms and dads and their part-time proxies have heard about Jessica Alba’s line of personal care and lifestyle products. The Honest Company strives to provide the safest and most responsible household cleaning and body care formulas on the market. The integrity of the company’s mission and its real results have made the actress a spokesperson for conscientious parenting.

We spoke with Alba about her tips to help new moms and dads maintain their sanity. (She searches for advice on YouTube, too!) Read on for our interview with the actress, then shop all of her picks.

Jessica Alba and familyWe love The Honest Company diaper backpack. Did you develop it for a specific kind of parent or lifestyle?

As a parent, I always felt like I shouldn’t have to carry a bag for me and another bag to take care of my kid’s needs. As a woman, I just wanted to make a cute bag that would work with everything and hold enough to get me through the day.

I saw a real need for a gender-neutral, hands-free backpack, since everyone could use a bag that fits every part of their lives. I designed it to be truly versatile for the office, the park, a playdate or a weekend. Modern parents are on the move constantly, so how do we make that work and look great?

These bags show that it’s possible to be safe and stylish. I’m proud to say that they’re free of PVC, BPA, phthalates and toxic foams that you find in most bags. The speed and sophistication of the backpack is functional and fits your life. There are so many pockets but not a lot of bulk, from insulated pockets to padded compartments for laptops. The EVA linings mean you don’t have to worry about any mess either, whether that’s a diaper or a drink.



Lindsay Pinchuk and Jamie Grayson Talk Unwanted Parenting Advice, Chicago Vs. New York, and Martha Stewart

Jamie Grayson is the baby gear expert behind the cultishly adored BabyGuyNyc. Lindsay Pinchuk is the CEO and founder of Bump Club and Beyond, a social event company beloved for providing moms and mothers-to-be with vital information and a sense of community. The pair — who’ve curated a selection of their favorite picks on this week — also happen to be the best of friends. Read on for an intimate conversation between the two.

When you two aren’t working on your businesses, where will we find you?
Pinchuk: With my family — with my two girls and my husband. Usually at a park or at a restaurant or a park in Chicago.

Grayson: At the theater. I love plays. Or you will find me eating or having a cocktail with my friends. I spend so much time traveling that spending time with my friends is very, very important.

Cocktail of choice?
Grayson: I do enjoy bourbon. If we’re doing cocktails, I love an Old Fashioned. If we are just talking drinks, I love an EPA. I do enjoy the beer. And I enjoy wine! I’m an equal opportunity employer.

Pinchuk: I would say on a warm summer day a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, or on a very cold winter’s day, a glass of Pinot Noir.

Grayson: And I always love a margarita!

Pinchuk: Who doesn’t love a margarita?

Grayson: Everyone should love a margarita. It’s like babies and puppies. If you don’t like a margarita I don’t trust you.

What’s the best baby advice you’ve ever gotten?
Grayson: I would say “Go with your gut is” the big one — and ignore the advice of strangers. People are too judgmental. And unless you asked for advice, don’t accept advice.

Pinchuk: Along those same lines, our mantra at Bump Club has always been, ‘Your best is good enough.’ And what works for you is what you should be doing. Don’t let people pressure you — whether it’s friends or grandparents or colleagues — to do things they way they did.

Grayson: Don’t live a life of comparison. It’s kind of the opposite of ‘Not my monkeys, not my circus.’ That is your monkey. It is your circus. You’re the ringmaster of your own family.

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Royal Baby Fashion Alert

Welcome to the world, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge! In honor of your royal birth, we’ve gathered a pram-load of gifts fit for an heir to the British throne—and worthy of all little princes who make their own eagerly awaited appearances this year.


Sir Sleeps-a-lot: Someday you’ll be a lucky princess’s knight in shining armor, so champion your chivalrous style with a noble onesie. Burberry ‘Eddie’ Bodysuit

Polo loungers. To play ponies with Uncle Harry, you’ll need a swinging outfit. Ralph Lauren Romper & Layette Crib Shoe

Sun king. Mummy simply adores the sand on Ibiza, and will want your royal beach ‘bum’ to be properly covered. Baby Aspen ‘Beach Bums’ Diaper Covers & Armani Junior Swim Trunks

George of the jungle: Going on safari is a royal rite of passage, when a boy must be brave but still needs his blankie. Nolan Glove Twill Safari Hat & Little Giraffe ‘Luxe’ Blanket

Regal retreat: Grandpapa Charles and Auntie Camilla like to holiday in the Scottish Highlands, so you’ll need a posh ensemble for the stroller. Baby Aspen ‘Sweet Tea’ Bodysuit, Booties & Hat Set & ‘Earl the Squirrel’ Gift Set

Formal education: You’ll follow in Daddy’s footsteps by studying at Eton, where jackets are required and the dress code is smart. BOSS Kidswear Two Button Linen Blend Jacket & Kate Quinn Organics Tie Appliqué Bodysuit

Have a jolly good look at our complete line of prince-worthy baby clothes, shoes, accessories and gifts.

—Stefanie Frank