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A Month of Fall ’18 Fashion Weeks with Men’s Designer Buyer Bijon Javadzadeh

Bijon in the front, fellow Nordstrom buyer Tulio Salcedo in the back; photo by Thig Gishuru.

Fashion Week has become a spectator sport both IRL and online. But its original purpose was to show clothes to retail buyers. And that’s still the case.

Our buyers sit front row at shows, and more importantly, visit showrooms to see and feel the products up close. That’s where they make big decisions and place orders, choosing what we’ll sell in months ahead (for this season’s fashion weeks, that would be for the fall and winter of 2018).

With the European fashion weeks just finished and only New York to go, our men’s designer buyer Bijon Javadzadeh has already seen all the clothes and made his orders. He spent January in Europe, and last week previewed the men’s collections showing in New York Fashion Week, even though NYFW:M officially starts today.

We caught up with him to get his impressions after three weeks of showroom appointments—and to hear his view of the future of fashion.

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