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ELLE Fashion Editor Sarah Zendejas and Birkenstock Provide Your Guide to Spring Style

Come spring, your wardrobe is ready for a refresh, even if all you want to do is relax. But don’t get anxious searching for new styles. Seasonal dressing can be simple and easy, like your favorite pair of sandals—which are also getting an update this spring.

The Birkenstock Arizona—yes, that one—has always been a pretty low-key, crazy comfortable shoe. It’s simple and sturdy: that’s the appeal. This spring, however, the 240-year-old brand decided that their classic could use a reboot. Don’t worry—that cushiony cork footbed remains. As do the velvety nubuck leather straps. But you’ll be surprised by these Birks’ flashy new hardware. The Big Buckle allows us to offer a fresh perspective and have fun with a little footwear ‘bling’ without compromising on our original, authentic footbed,” said Jacqueline Van Dine, Birkenstock VP of Merchandising, about the new Arizona Big Buckle. “So you get a little sizzle with all the benefits of underfoot support and comfort.” That bit of flash caught our attention, as well as that of Elle Senior Fashion Editor Sarah Zendejas. “The larger buckle elevates the shoe, with curved edges of silver and gold hardware, and the polished gleam of metal complements the leather perfectly,” Sarah said. As a tribute to their new favorite spring sandals, she and her team at Elle put together five perfectly relaxed ways to wear the sparkly new Arizona.


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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear Sandals Like a Normal Person?


Images by Jesse Rivera; styling by Jodi Taylor; modeling by Doug Ta’a

Summer is here and sandals are on our mind and feet—and not sandals worn purely for function, like beach flip-flops or shower shoes for the funky locker-room floor. We’re talking about sandals worn out in the world, for style.

Drop “mandal” from your lexicon immediately (to ensure it dies, don’t even say it in jest). While we can’t endure that term, we sympathize with your sandal anxiety. Not every guy can wear them with style; that’s what makes this a medium-to-high-swagger move. You’ll have to BYO confidence.

We spoke with men’s senior stylist Jodi Taylor on how to wear sandals and discussed the big puzzler: socks or no socks. As usual, she had the answers.

—Andrew Matson


Music Street Style Style

How to Wear Birkenstocks This Festival Season

Cool comfort is the key to surviving the summer festival season in style. And shoes are your foundational piece. After all, you’ll be on your feet for hours and hours, likely over several days. No matter the weather, no matter the crowds, you need to be able to dash between stages, dance to songs, stand in lines and look great.

Birkenstocks have long been a favorite shoe of concertgoers. But forget their jam band rap—not that getting down to the Dead is anything to condemn—Birkenstock wearers cross musical genres and fashion styles.

Birkenstocks for Festival Season

So that your dancing feet remain ready and your fashion credibility doesn’t appear fishy—or Phishy—we recruited Nordstrom Senior Stylist Jodi Taylor to offer some simple tips on wearing these comfy, cork-soled sandals.



It’s Personal: Barb Penoyar’s All-White, Natural Light Portraits

In this series, we talk to artists and designers about their most personal works and the projects that are closest to their hearts.

Shout out to Dej Loaf: there’s just something godly about rocking white.

We’re especially feeling that vis-à-vis these recent portraits of model Magor M’Bengue by Nordstrom Senior Photographer Barb Penoyar–portraiture being something she does in her free time, after she’s shot the looks that our in-house Studio N needs for the day. Her current theme is “In/On White.” Expect to see more of Barb’s portraits on this blog, all shot with 100% natural light.

“This ‘In/On White’ thing might evolve over time,” she says, “but for spring I’m inspired by white on white.”

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Fashion Week Street Style

Street Report: Olivia Outside Topshop

Our very own Olivia Kim is constantly on the run during Fashion Week, but she always manages to keep her cool. You all know what a style crush I have on Olivia, and today’s outfit is one I’m definitely going to copy! Her long, tuxedo-inspired coat is gorgeous, and pairing it with all-black Birkenstocks is inspired. Olivia loves mixing styles to create her own personal vibe, and she totally knocked this genre-bending look out of the park.

Crystal Nicodemus


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Fashion Week Street Style

Street Report: Tesa Outside Lincoln Center

Tesa is another stylish gal who has nailed the modern, casual one-piece. This subtle jumpsuit has a cool cut and unique design elements that make it stand out. Tesa’s sleek hair and minimalist accessories allow the jumpsuit to shine. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I have been won over by the Birkenstock trend at last! They’re comfy, nostalgic and look awesome, especially when paired with a Chanel shoulder bag.

Crystal Nicodemus


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