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Listen Up! Don Was on Blue Note Records, the Meaning of Music and Which Basketball Positions the Rolling Stones Would Play (Metaphorically)


Image by Gabi Porter

Don Was is one of our heroes, a triple O.G. in the music biz who doesn’t believe his own hype and never stopped being a fan. He’s still blown away by all the new styles in the world, and despite making classics has steered admirably clear of the mindset that “it was all so much better when…”

Now president of Blue Note Recordsthe American jazz label with the musically revolutionary back catalog (think Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk) not to mention peerless and influential graphic design by Reid Miles, whose name is one of the freshest Google image searches you’ll ever do–Don Was is basically the keeper of the cool

A fan’s dream.

Keep reading to learn which Blue Note albums he considers unheralded classics and which basketball positions each Rolling Stones member would play. 

Check this audio clip about Blue Note in the big picture:

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Listen Up! Robert Glasper on Kendrick Lamar and the (Non) Definition of Jazz

Images by Manuela Insixiengmay

We’re big Robert Glasper fans here at Nordstrom, Glasper being the Grammy-winning musician doing the most–the most, we tell you–to keep jazz piano fresh, relevant and connected to the youth.

He’s all over the rap album of the year, Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. And Glasper’s upcoming album on Blue Note Records, Covered, consists of live versions of songs by wide-ranging acts he loves: Miles Davis, Jhené Aiko and Radiohead, among others.

Keep scrolling to read Glasper’s thoughts on where an uninitiated person should start with Miles’ albums, the courageousness of Kendrick Lamar, his top five emcees–and listen to him extemporaneously rap Tupac’s verse from Digital Underground’s “All Around the World.”

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Listen Up! Kandace Springs Works with Legends, Flips Whips

 All images courtesy Kandace Springs; car images straight off her iPhone

Nashville, TN, vocalist/pianist Kandace Springs sings like she could be Sade’s sister. Her music is smoooothed out and jazzy, with elements of throwback soul and modern hip-hop. We’re feeling it.

We’re expecting big things from Springs’ debut album out this season on Blue Note Records, based on the strength of her self-titled EP from 2014 and her choice collab with Ghostface Killah, “Love Don’t Live Here No More.” And because she’s working with a murderer’s row of hot producers and songwriters.

We’re talking Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brandy) and Malay (Frank Ocean), as well as Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers who run Rihanna’s production company. Throw in people like Dan Wilson who wrote “Someone Like You” for Adele, and that’s heavy artillery. 

One thing we did not expect: Springs was selling a few cars during our interview.

We talked to her about flipping cars, her album and the coolness of accompanying Ghostface on solo piano.

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