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PSWL Graphic Raincoat PROENZA SCHOULER Style

Only Happy When It Rains: 8 Jackets for Drizzly Days

Well shy of a downpour, even a few drops can dampen your style. A practical, protective layer has always been a good fashion investment, but these new slickers are so chic you might catch yourself checking the forecast and wishing for rain.

Below, our picks for staying dry this spring.


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Gucci Fall 2018 Fashion Week Street Style Style

Gucci on the Catwalk and Sidewalk at Milan Fashion Week

Photos by Indigital Images

Alessandro Michele has always challenged conventional ideas of beauty. He casts models that look more like misfits; they appear on the runway gangly and un-made-up, with awkward hairstyles and angry expressions. Gucci Fall 2018 was an exception only in that some had extreme body modifications—an extra eye or a spare head.

The show was set in an operating theater, which the brand stated “reflects the work of a designer—the act of cutting, splicing and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them.” Recasting unlikely references is Michele’s specialty. His inspirations are broad, ranging from the ancient to science fiction, the glamorous to the grotesque. His collections could struggle to hang together, except that each is sprinkled with the excess sparkle of a fairy tale, macabre and transcendent. Instead of performing surgery on specific bodies or creating from cut cloth, Michele more so operates on the social fabric of Western Civilization, our cultural stories, identities and memories. It’s peak postmodernism, so it’s no surprise that the designer referenced Michel Foucault’s identity theories in his show notes.


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Anya Hindmarch Build a Bag Fashion Week Interviews Style Video

Build Your Own Bag with Anya Hindmarch’s Charming Purse Personalizations

Fashion is more fun with British designer Anya Hindmarch around. Her runway shows are legendary for their theatrical, inexplicable settings: human conveyor belts, enormous domino mazes, true model homes, barren geometric spaces. She is outspoken, down-to-earth, and a Commander of the Order of the British Empire on account of her many contributions to fashion. She has a reputation for crafting curiously covetable accessories. (Her “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” tote took on a life of its own in the aughts.) She frequently stages crazy window displays in her stores, which can become guerrilla art installations in public spaces—like her Chubby Hearts over London series this London Fashion Week. And her quirky bag charms can be found on many street-style stars’ totes.

Now you can step into her unique process by creating your own bag through her Build a Bag collection. The online experience lets you select the leather color, bag strap and accessories to construct a custom creation and be an innovative bag designer in your own right—maybe even earning a medal, or at least treating yourself to a bag charm.

We spoke with the iconoclastic Hindmarch about her career, the Build a Bag program (including her own zany, luxurious purse) and why humor is so important to fashion.



What to Wear on 6 Kinds of Valentine’s Day Dates

You’ve got plans. Even if they’re not the dozen roses, champagne and candlelit-dinner kind—no matter—you’ll still definitely do something on February 14. Maybe you’ll hang with your ladies, work out and then chill out on the couch, or spend time with your spouse and the kiddos. (The babysitter seemed to have no problem getting a date and dinner reservation.)

Feel amazing about whatever you’re up to on Valentine’s Day in outfits that you’ll love, even if your love life leaves something to be desired.



Really Sexy Feminist Lingerie: A Talk with the Founder of Bluebella

Emily Bendell, founder of the London-based lingerie company Bluebella, is an Oxford graduate on a mission to embolden women through an erotic first layer. Since 2005, when Emily founded Bluebella, her goal has been to create lingerie that is both affordable and appealing to women of different sizes. Her arrestingly original designs produced in luxe fabrications don’t cut corners or cut uncomfortably into your curves.

We spoke with Emily just after she returned from showing her new collection at Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. Here’s what she told us about why you should buy your own lacy underthings, how to wear them now and why lingerie is about female empowerment, not submission—which is why she recruited British Olympians and Paralympians to model some of her seriously sultry styles.


10 Things to Find Your Chill Beauty

Just Relax: 10 Things That Are Helping Us Chill Right Now

As we’re about to enter the most wonderful time of the year (and the busiest, the most expensive, and the booziest) we’d like to take this moment to remind you to take care of yourself. Although shopping for and pampering ourselves is rarely a struggle, sometimes the things we consume aren’t that good for us. Instead of the popular exhortation to treat yourself, this season we’re calling on you to take care of yourself. To help, here are a few of the fun ways we’re finding our chill.


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Street Style Style

The Sweater Style Danish It Girls Love

Pernille Teisbaek and Emili Sindlev photographed by Crystal Nicodemus 

For a tiny country, Denmark has cornered the international market on coolness. Celebrity chef René Redzepi put hyperlocal cuisine and foraged foods on the menu. Nordic noir shows like The Killing and The Bridge spawned streaming binge sessions around the globe. “Hygge” had us all swaddled in wooly blankets in front of fires seeking the Dane’s national brand of coziness.

Then there are the Danish It girls, like Pernille Teisbaek and Emili Sindlev, who epitomize Scandi style. Truly, Copenhagen may just be our favorite city for the mellow yet sophisticated looks on its streets. One tip we picked up from these Northern beauties in the hip district of Nørrebro: Scandinavian-inspired sweaters are the next heritage piece primed for mass appeal. Their folksy patterns, colorful yarns and snug warmth make them so inviting.

Here are a few of our favorite cheery knits to shop now. Pair them with pants or skirts for a fresh fall look. And feel free to mix prints with your knits: it’s how the Danes do it.


Goody Bags Style

Goody Bags: Fall’s Styles Come in Every Flavor

Photos by Elizabeth Podlesnik

When the fall collections start to drop, we feel like a kid in a sugar shack. A kid who has no intention of stopping until our bellies ache and our pockets are full. Some of the sweetest treats each season are the new handbags. The textures, colors and styles are always so delicious. And this season is no exception. From cotton-candy-colored totes to licorice satchels and caramel suede minibags, there’s a purse for every palate.

We’ve rounded up an assorted pack of the best arm candy for fall. Here’s a look at our yummy stash.


Fashion Week Style

Fashion Bytes: Chanel Walks on Water at Paris Fashion Week

Photos by Indigital Images

Welcome to Fashion Bytes, a cheat sheet for your favorite runway designers. From style inspirations to behind-the-scenes scoops, here’s everything worth knowing at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018.

The brand: Chanel

The history: Iconoclast Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s now-iconic tweed suits and little black dresses were a revolution in the 1920s. Her black-and-white palette and borrowed-from-the-boys designs rebelled against the restrictive dress codes of the previous century by introducing society women to the elegance and comfort of simplicity. She remains the most internationally identifiable name in high fashion.


Valentin Spring 2018 Fashion Week Style

Fashion Bytes: Valentino Promises the Moon at Paris Fashion Week

Photos by Indigital Images 

Welcome to Fashion Bytes, a cheat sheet for your favorite runway designers. From style inspirations to behind-the-scenes scoops, here’s everything worth knowing at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018.

The brand: Valentino

The history: Although he officially retired in January 2008, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani maintains considerable fashion fame and influence. Since 1960, when the designer established his maison in Rome, Valentino has been synonymous with his romantic, elegant gowns worn by the world’s most glamorous women: Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana. His decidedly feminine designs and signature poppy color—rosso Valentino, a trademark mix of 100% magenta, 100% yellow and 10% black—are a recurring presence on red carpets, as is the octogenarian.