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Asking for a Friend: How to Do Business Casual with 3 Key Pieces

‘Asking for a Friend’ is our style advice series.

Nowadays, offices everywhere are touting a ‘business casual’ dress code, but the term itself is vague and means different things in different industries. If you’re confused about whether or not to denim up, you’re not alone. To help a guy out, we’ll explain the basics, but it’s up to you to get final guidance from your friends in HR.

The general gist: business casual is less formal than the traditional three-piece suit and tie but more polished than your average casual-Friday attire (i.e., no sports jerseys). Think of it as balancing out two parts dressy with one part laid-back. Our men’s editorial stylist suggests losing the tie, working a smart pair of jeans into your look or pulling on an unscuffed pair of dress sneakers. The primary objective is to still look professional, but with an effortless, sportswear-leaning vibe—like you could present to the board, then roll up your sleeves and kick back at a BBQ.

Because the days are getting longer and warmer, we’ll show you the lighter side of business casual. Ahead, three solid staples to work into your spring/summer workwear wardrobe.

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What to Wear to Work Now According to GQ

The office-style proposition is never a totally easy one. You want to look appropriate but not stuffy, to convey a professional air but let a little personality come through, too. With summer wrapping up, here are some solid adds for your back-to-work wardrobe, courtesy of GQ stylist Brett Fahlgren. These modern looks convey a return to seriousness—with a little bit of warm-weather casual folded in.

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Pro Athletes Vouch for Mizzen+Main

The idea behind Mizzen+Main is simple: provide great-looking dress and casualwear made from performance fabric. Cut for freedom of movement, it’s no wonder the American-made brand is popular with pro athletes.

Want proof? Check out reviews from football heroes J. J. Watt and Ryan Fitzpatrick, hard-serving tennis star John Isner and CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa.

Images via Mizzen+Main

J. J. Watt

“I’m still trying to figure out my personal style and that’s the fun of it. So if I put something on and I feel good, I like it. If I wanted to, I could play a basketball game [a favorite spare-time activity] in Mizzen+Main clothes—it would be easy to do. It kind of combines both of my worlds. I don’t really love the tight feeling of dressing up. Mizzen+Main doesn’t give me that feeling and that’s why I like it.”

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ALL POSTS Interviews Men’s Fashion Style

Introducing the Dockers Premium Edition Collection


You probably think you know Dockers. And maybe you do. But just in case: Dockers pants were first issued in Argentina in 1983, with initial designs patterned after a dockworkers’ pant that a Levi’s merchandiser had brought back from Hong Kong.

The global brand eventually became a household name, its chinos redefining the business casual work aesthetic. Based in San Francisco – where Dockers has been part of Levi Strauss & Co. since day one – Dockers is currently launching a new American initiative: the Premium Edition collection, an elevated look and feel for the brand. It’s not new to Dockers but is new to the U.S.

To find out more about Premium Edition we spoke with Tony Murray, the design director for the division, and Radha Weaver, senior merchant. They explained to us some of the finer points of the clothes and how right now, Premium Edition is all about getting back to Dockers’ California roots.

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