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A Month of Fall ’18 Fashion Weeks with Men’s Designer Buyer Bijon Javadzadeh

Bijon in the front, fellow Nordstrom buyer Tulio Salcedo in the back; photo by Thig Gishuru.

Fashion Week has become a spectator sport both IRL and online. But its original purpose was to show clothes to retail buyers. And that’s still the case.

Our buyers sit front row at shows, and more importantly, visit showrooms to see and feel the products up close. That’s where they make big decisions and place orders, choosing what we’ll sell in months ahead (for this season’s fashion weeks, that would be for the fall and winter of 2018).

With the European fashion weeks just finished and only New York to go, our men’s designer buyer Bijon Javadzadeh has already seen all the clothes and made his orders. He spent January in Europe, and last week previewed the men’s collections showing in New York Fashion Week, even though NYFW:M officially starts today.

We caught up with him to get his impressions after three weeks of showroom appointments—and to hear his view of the future of fashion.

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Wedding Dresses Weddings

Emily & Gary | Real Weddings

In May, Emily and Gary exchanged vows along the sunny seaside of San Diego, surrounded by their dear friends and family. 

Emily, tell us about the location.

I’m a Navy brat. I was born in San Diego and spent most of my childhood there. Growing up, whenever my dad was leaving or coming home from deployment, my mom, brother and myself would go to the harbor and watch his ship. There was no doubt in my mind that would be the location of my wedding. Gary also proposed further down the peninsula, overlooking downtown San Diego.


Calvin Klein New York Spring 2018 Fashion Week Style

Fashion Bytes: Calvin Klein’s American Experience at New York Fashion Week

Photo by Indigital Images

Welcome to Fashion Bytes, a cheat sheet for your favorite runway designers. From style inspirations to behind-the-scenes scoops, here’s everything worth knowing at New York Fashion Week Spring 2018.

The brand: Calvin Klein

The history: Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein helped pioneer trends like designer denim, luxury minimalism and unisex scents. Its groundbreaking ad campaigns with Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg set the tone for the grunge generation, and their sleek day-to-night staples still resonate with the style set today.


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Fashion Week Men’s Fashion Style Video

Raf Simons’s SS 18 Collection at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

One of menswear’s most respected designers and certainly the biggest name at NYFW:M, Raf Simons staged his Blade Runner-esque runway show Tuesday night under a bridge in the heart of Chinatown. Highsnobiety has an excellent review digging into the details of what the show meant in the scope of Simons’s work and fashion in general.

For our part, we’ll say that while we respect CFDA CEO Steven Kolb’s distinction between art and commerce, money is the last thing on our minds after soaking up Simons’s creativity. Long live the artist.

Simons, for the uninitiated, is the creative director of Calvin Klein, and the designer of his namesake brand, which has drawn longstanding inspiration from the music and artwork of Joy Division, New Order, and Peter Saville—the designer with whom Simons also recently redesigned the Calvin Klein logo.

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Fashion Week

Why We Can’t Wait to Offer Raf Simons’s Calvin Klein Debut

If you had landed in the middle of Fashion Week yesterday as the whole thing was kicking off, and if you had asked anyone what show they were really looking forward to, there’s every chance they would have told you: Raf Simons’s Calvin Klein debut.

Calvin Klein New York Womenswear FW17 New York February 2017

All images by Indigital Images

The Belgium-born former Dior designer’s stateside arrival is one of the most anticipated fashion developments of recent memory. We were all waiting to see what such a sensitive, thoughtful and visionary European creative director would do at the head of the storied and iconic American brand—just as nostalgia and hunger for the CK golden years hover at a fever pitch.


Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week: September 11

The spring ’15 fashion fest wrapped up with shows from three of America’s most iconic designers. Here are some highlights from yesterday’s runways, including safari glam at Ralph Lauren, polished sport at Calvin Klein, and uniform play at Marc Jacobs.

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Fashion Week Street Style

NYFW Spring 2011: Wrap-Up

NYC Fashion Week ended with the same simple message it started with: Clean & Pure. Who better to do justice to this trend than Calvin Klein—a master of simple modernity.

As we hope you have seen this week, there are clear messages, but, within each trend, a variety of design responses. Choose the trends that are right for you, and start building your shopping list for spring!


To get you started, here’s what’s on our Top 10 List so far:

  • A Collarless, Structured Cardigan Jacket
  • A Sleeveless Tailored Jacket
  • A Wide Leg Pant
  • A Pair of Tailored Shorts
  • A Soft A-line Skirt
  • An Elegant Blouse
  • A Fitted Sweater
  • A Fluid Maxi Dress
  • A Pair of Oxfords
  • A Simple Narrow Belt


  • And don’t forget a little GOLD!

-Red (signing off.)