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Save The Date: The 2018 Tony Awards Are June 10 (Here’s Some Inspo to Throw a Viewing Party!)

The 72nd Annual Tony Awards® are already in the works and, for the fourth year in a row, Nordstrom is the official Red Carpet sponsor—which means we’ll be bringing you one-of-a-kind live coverage of the star-studded procession on June 10 via Facebook. (Go ahead and enter it in your Reminders app now.)

While the nominations and presenter are still a secret (announcements will be made May 1), we know a rockin’ Tony party starts with plenty of prep. That’s why we’re re-sharing our most crowd-pleasing dip and sip recipes this side of Broadway. So write out your menu, whip up your guest list and keep an eye out for more hot Tony updates. (And if you happen to hit Broadway for a show, take a moment to tour our brand-new Men’s Store NYC, located on the corner of Broadway and West 57th Street. It’s our first full-line men’s store—right in Midtown Manhattan.)

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GM75 cocktail from our Restaurants Food & Drink

Good Cheers: The GM75 Cocktail from Our Restaurants

New Year’s Eve is around the corner. Whether you plan on ringing in 2018 on your couch swaddled in cozy loungewear snacking on crudités or intend to shimmer the year away wearing your favorite light-catching threads, the occasion welcomes a cocktail. To set the tone for a bright new year, we suggest pairing sparkling wine with the orange-flavored cognac liqueur Grand Marnier. A champagne flute in a sunset shade of citrine dressed with a zesty orange peel is just the vibrant accessory your evening needs, no matter your attire.

If you’d prefer someone else do the mixing, stop by a Nordstrom Restaurant to have a GM75 prepared for you. And have a happy new year!


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Good Cheers: The Vine Street Cocktail from Our Restaurants

After a round or two of holiday parties, you might (gasp) be sick of the celebratory bubbly. If you want to keep the party going but want to switch things up, we have a cocktail suggestion that still dazzles with a simple sparkling wine float. Muddled grapes, mint and a splash of rosé give the base of lime juice and vodka in the Vine Street a crisp and refreshing flavor. Trim the glass with grapes and fresh mint, and this effervescent cocktail will look festive and continue the celebration through the new year.

Or if you want to party at our house, stop by a Nordstrom restaurant to have a Vine Street prepared for you.


The New York Sour from Nordstrom Restaurants Food & Drink Style

Good Cheers: The New York Sour Cocktail from Our Restaurants

The holiday parties are happening, and if you happen to be looking for the perfect drink to serve at your next event, we’ve got a suggestion that mixes two of our favorite adult beverages: wine and whiskey. The New York Sour is a sophisticated cocktail, with a citrusy rye base topped with a splash of vino, that will impress your guests. When all is said and done, this festive cocktail looks like a crackling fire in a glass and will make everyone merry. 

Or if you want to warm up with a pre-party drink, you can always stop by a Nordstrom restaurant to have a New York Sour prepared for you by our friendly team. 


The Aviation cocktail from Nordstrom Restaurants Food & Drink Style

Good Cheers: The Aviation Cocktail from Our Restaurants

Phew! You made it over the first holiday hurdle. Congratulations, you’ve won a drink. Take some time before Christmas to recharge with a classic cocktail that’s also making a comeback. This lemony botanical martini is the refreshing burst of alcohol-infused hydration you need to get you on to the next leg of your present shopping and party planning. A maraschino cherry and a touch of floral liqueur bring this tipple to the next level.

And if you need a break during your intrepid errand running, you can always stop in at a Nordstrom restaurant to have an Aviation prepared for you. Hit pause for a minute before getting back in the gift-hunting game. 


The Billionaire cocktail from Nordstrom Restaurants Food & Drink

Good Cheers: The Billionaire Cocktail from Our Restaurants

The holiday season should feel a bit decadent. But unfortunately it’s more often overindulgent: there’s overeating, overspending and many opportunities for overcommitting oneself. Come January 2, many of us end up feeling drained rather than refreshed. One way to ensure that we’re not overdoing it is to take time to appreciate and share in the small things. Like a delicious martini–OK, maybe two, but let’s not go overboard.

The Billionaire cocktail from our restaurants is just the thing to make you feel flush. It’s tart and sweet with homemade grenadine, a perfect palate cleanser after dinner or a pick-me-up at a party. And if you’ve really overplayed your hand this holiday, you can always stop by a Nordstrom restaurant to kick back and have someone mix this swanky drink for you.


Smoke and Heat cocktail from Nordstrom Restaurants Food & Drink

Good Cheers: The Smoke and Heat Cocktail from Our Restaurants

We agree that if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. So we’re fine with vacating, especially if we can mix ourselves a fancy cocktail while someone else does the heavy mixing and meal preparation. This smokey, citrus beverage from our restaurants always puts us in an uplifting preprandial mood. Mezcal gives the fruity optimism of the OJ some heft. A skosh of Grand Marnier rounds out the sweet-meets-smoldering flavor. Bonus: the Smoke and Heat is great for brunch, too.

And if no one wants to be in the kitchen, stop by one of our Nordstrom restaurants for a bite and a Smoke and Heat prepared by a professional.


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Good Cheers: The Kiss My Cranberries Cocktail from Our Restaurants

’Tis the season for family get-togethers and tiffs around the table. Although this year may seem particularly ripe for strife, bypass any arguments and give thanks for this sassy cranberry cocktail instead. Kiss My Cranberries doubles as an antidote to the stress of Thanksgiving entertaining and a tacit response to any possible disagreement. Instead of mouthing off, sip this refreshing bittersweet beverage. The balanced combination of citrus, tart berry, cinnamon and bourbon perfectly captures the holiday mood, while tempering yours.

If you do need to escape your rellies, you can always stop by one of our Nordstrom restaurants to have a Kiss My Cranberries prepared for you. You’ll find us all quite agreeable.


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Stonewashed cocktail from the Nordstrom Bars Food & Drink

Good Cheers: the Stonewashed Cocktail from Our Restaurants

Like the perfect pair of jeans, a delicious cocktail feels easy and pairs well with most things. As the week ends and the weekend begins, slip on your comfy denim (you know the ones) and sip this pretty purple cocktail from our Nordstrom restaurants. The recipe is simple, but the resulting drink has a unique violet flavor that strengthens along with its faded plum shade as you imbibe. Sweet but not sugary, with an herbal gin base, the Stonewashed possesses a mellow fragrant flavor that will set the tone for your Friday and beyond.

And if you don’t feel like mixing your own, you can always stop by one of our Nordstrom restaurants to have one prepared for you.


How to Throw a Bridal Shower Food & Drink Weddings

Throw a Bridal Shower Like a Party Pro

How to Throw a Bridal Shower

19 Cooper strapless culotte jumpsuit | Topshop Unique Aster silk midi dress

Although you never need a reason to celebrate, you were just given the best one: your friend is getting married! Once the squeals, hugs, tears and proposal story conclude, the bridal shower planning begins. To help steer it in the happiest direction, we’ve collected cheery recipes, fun favors and pretty place settings to make your newly affianced pal’s party a success.


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