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How to Make Macarons, the Perfect Holiday and Hostess Gift

A pretty plate of homemade cookies is just about the nicest gift one can give or receive during the holidays. But if you’re the type of giver that isn’t satisfied with just nice, you might want to skip the traditional frosted Christmas cookies this year and step it up with a batch of traditional European macarons. As colorful and lovely as your sprinkle-topped snowmen cutouts, these meringue confections aren’t as difficult as their preceding reputation.

How to Make Macarons

We met with expert macaron maker Megan Gordon, aka Lady Yum, for an encouraging tutorial on creating these comely cookies. Her guidance breaks the recipe down in simple steps that even novice bakers can accomplish.

How to Make Macarons


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Best From-Scratch Lemon Ricotta Cookies Recipe with Icing | What’s Cooking

Best from-scratch lemon ricotta cookies recipe from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.

I love lemons. Seriously. I even wrote a poem about them in a college poetry writing class. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to share it here.) So, when I saw this Nordstrom Lemon Ricotta Cookies recipe in our Family Table Cookbook, I was into it. Real into it.  Then I read the recipe and saw it called for the zest of six lemons in the dough–plus more for sprinkling on top. All that bright lemon flavor packed into a cookie? I got excited. Then I made them, and now I’m hooked.

Lemon zest

Closer in texture and tenderness to a cake than a cookie, these moist and almost cheesecake-y lemon ricotta cookies are perfect little winners. The tablespoon of salt seemed like a lot, but it adds just a trace of savoriness (think salted caramel)—the perfect foil to all that citrusy sugariness. Bonus: our recipe requires portioning and freezing the dough, which will keep for weeks in the freezer and be ready whenever the mood for a ridiculously good, soft lemon cookie strikes.

Once you’re ready to bake, be careful not to leave the frozen dough out to thaw too long, as I did. The cookies ended up pooling together slightly, which looked a bit of a mess, though they were still delicious! I actually baked a second batch without waiting at all for them to defrost, and they turned out beautifully with a few additional minutes in the oven.