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Barena SS 18 Selections and Impromptu Showroom Modeling

Barena is the worn-in Italian brand you should wear if it’s starting to make you self-conscious when teenagers compliment your style. Should you grow up? Yeah.

Have you considered: soft tailoring? In the words of Barena creative director Massimo Pigozzo:

“Soft tailoring is important. It allows you to dress elegantly without being formal and allows you to dress informally without being sporty. There is also tailoring that is not necessarily tight but has a softer edge, for example we also use very stiff fabrics like heavy Melton wool but with super light shapes.”–as told to Jake Gallagher for the blog A Continuous Lean

We visited the Barena showroom with our buyers in New York during NYFW:M—you can see men’s designer buyer Dan Drewes above, selecting our spring/summer 2018 order.

To give you a sense of how Barena hangs, we also shot a few looks on our model friend Mayan Rajendran:

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The Art of the Showroom: wings + horns and Reigning Champ SS 18

Many NYFW:M brands use runway shows and presentations for artistic displays, then have business meetings with our buyers in straightforward showrooms. This year the Canadian powerhouse of wings + horns (designer brand) and Reigning Champ (sport brand) put all its eggs in the showroom basket.

That turned out to be a wise move, because they curated an art exhibit that will stick in our buyers’ minds for a long time. With tall white walls, a blackened Hawaiian forest, and a 3-D Reigning Champ logo that morphed as you walked around it, being there felt like being on another planet—a nearly monochromatic, sporty, severe version of Earth.

The occasion? Reigning Champ’s 10-year anniversary. But also, the brands’ designer, Tung Vo, is a detail-obsessed creator of worlds. Given the chance to wild out—the CEO said it was OK—he went all the way in.

Check out the clothes below and get into the artwork. We interviewed artist Andrew Dadson about his piece, “Black Plants.”

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Inside Lanvin FW 17 with Nordstrom Men’s Designer Buyer Dan Drewes

Our designer selection is the result of Nordstrom buyers traveling to visit brands, exercising their fashion expertise, and choosing items they like and think you will too. Here’s what men’s designer buyer Dan Drewes had to say about our fall and winter 2017 selection from Lanvin.

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A Cheat Sheet on Style: Our Men’s Fall 2016 Designer Collections


Whenever the season changes, we like to catch up with men’s designer buyer Dan Drewes to get the inside scoop on what’s new for customers and what’s cool for our own closets.

Dan told us about several exciting online designer launches–Japanese brand Tomorrowland; wallets and bags from Common Projects; wallets and belts from Gucci–as well as newto-us brands available in-store only: Our LegacyStampd, Philip Lim, R13, Maison Margiela and Ovadia & Sons.

Those in-store brands are now available at Nordstrom locations in Seattle, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Contact your store to see exactly what’s there.

And read on for Dan’s take on key pieces by Moncler, ATM and Armani Collezioni.