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Proof positive that you can invent yourself: SPACE designer Sophie Buhai. After she and her business partner concluded their New York-based clothing line Vena Cava, she moved back to her native West Coast and started anew, on her own—with jewelry.

Sophie Buhai at home in Los Angeles

With her experience creating complete ready-to-wear looks, it’s no surprise that her sculptural pieces are total outfit-makers. Smooth, minimal chokers and chunky rings add just the right powerful touch on jeans-and-tees days.

So who’s the woman behind the bangles? We offer this brief but friendly introduction.



“I love a statement ear, can you tell?” Keara Matthiesen is being rhetorical. Yeah, girl. We can tell.

As one of our key stylists, it’s her job to know when and how to add hot hoops and bold dangles. For the images in Pop-In@Nordstrom: KFASHION, Keara styled white kicks and fishnets with the best Korean designers—and then added colorful and blingy earrings that practically sing.

KFASHION looks from KUHO with earrings by Simone Rocha from SPACE, our shop for new and emerging designers.

They make killer statements for sure but you’ll notice that in very, very few instances do the earrings match each other. In fact, you see those acid yellow Simone Rocha shoulder-dusters above? That might be the only set in the whole bunch. We’re all about the idea of standout singles and mix-matching, and it’s a natural fit for rocking Korean fashion, where it feels really modern to get into clashing and contrasting.



Holiday shopping: it might be the most wonderful difficult thing in the world. Equal parts super fun and pretty stressful, choosing just the right surprise for your favorite people on the planet can make you a little crazy if you let it—but that’s where we come in.


Designer sales person Felicia Stapleton would love to give you one of these Dior scarves.

Our employees—inside the store and behind the scenes—sort of live for beautiful indulgences and stylish challenges. To inspire your gift giving, we took eight of our Seattle favorites into our designer collections and SPACE shop to show us what they’d love to give and get.



“I think we have broken loose of the stereotype that we have to have matching first lobe piercings and nothing else,” SPACE jewelry designer Maria Tash told us—and hooray to that. “People now treat their multiple piercings as autonomous vehicles for styling—experimenting with asymmetry can be liberating.”


Jewelry designer Maria Tash, courtesy Maria Tash

There’s every chance you agree with the idea, although actually doing it can sometimes be intimidating. No more, however, because now we’ve got the inside scoop and the best style secrets from New York City’s preeminent piercing pro—including where FKA Twigs’s new piercing is. 



One of our favorite things about meeting the designers behind the best SPACE jewelry brands is seeing how they rock their own lines. Take, for example, Wing Yau of WWAKE.


When we met Wing at Fashion Week this past February, she took us to school in the most elegant way—showing us how to do the stacked-ring, opal-earring WWAKE look simply by showing up in her own pieces and being easy and fun to hang out with. If the idea of chatting about gemstones while slyly copping a really cool Brooklynite’s approach to edgy-but-delicate accessories is appealing to you, well … here’s hoping you’ll be in San Francisco next week.



Caitlin Mociun is on the move. The Brooklyn-based jewelry designer spends an enviable amount of time traveling—up to 10 trips a year!


Jewelry designer Caitlin Mociun shares her underwater vacation photos with us

One of her most loved spots is the Cayman Islands, where she spends the day underwater, looking at magical creatures and vivid colors and getting inspired to craft delicate and edgy fine gemstone earrings and more. In this story in our SPACE pages, we talked to her about the treasures of travel and the Mociun capsule collection she created just for us. And today—right here—we’re following up with some specifics on her favorite Caribbean outpost and her favorite things to take along when she goes.



Eddie Borgo’s Odyssey

Eddie Borgo’s pre-fall 2014 collection is all Greek to us. We connect with the intrepid jewelry designer, culture hound and zeitgeist vanguard to learn about the inspiration behind his new pieces, what’s evolving in his brand’s operations and his futuristic aspirations.

The Thread connects with jewelry designer Eddie Borgo, who reveals what inspired his pre-fall 2014 collection—and what’s coming next.


Eddie Borgo Rocks

Award-winning jewelry designer, aesthete, armchair archaeologist and post-punk revivalist Eddie Borgo could easily be tagged a Renaissance man. But after hanging out with the engaging, earnest, real-deal Eddie, we’re simply saying he rocks. In town for a trunk show at our downtown Seattle store, Eddie parleyed on everything from ancient Greece to ’70s glam rock, his muses to his mom, and the perils of passing his baubles through airport security.

Thoroughly modern Eddie. “I always look at art as structure, and I’m very inspired by modern art and sculpture. One of my favorite sculptors is Richard Serra, and I also love Sol LeWitt’s work.”

Cone Bracelet in Silver; Richard Serra’s Intersection II at MoMA
(Image courtesy of MoMA)

Helix Link Earrings and Paradox Ring; Sol LeWitt’s Serial Project, 1 (ABCD) at MoMA 
(Image courtesy of MoMA)

Going underground. “For last year’s fall collection, I was inspired by the work of photographer Steve Duncan, who shoots subterranean environments in and around major urban areas.”

Pavé Link Chain Bracelet and Caged Nova Pendant Necklace; Steve Duncan photographs 

Musing on muses. Eddie calls on his circle of stylish and influential friends—including fashion editors, stylists, designers, art directors and business owners—to model his collections. “These are women who are lovers of fashion, and more importantly, lovers of our jewelry—and all of them work. We want to connect with working women with jobs in the city, who invest in fashion and covet jewelry.” A personal thrill for Eddie was working with fall 2012 model Alison Mosshart, lead singer of his favorite band The Kills.

Borgo Belles: Eddie’s models for recent collections 
(Images courtesy of Eddie Borgo)

Fierce jewelry; soft heart. After Hurricane Sandy, Eddie created a special charm bracelet spelling out ‘New York City’, and he donated 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross Relief Fund. “We support many different causes: charities for abused women and children, cancer research, AIDS research—anything we can do to help.”

Mother knows bling. “My mom is one of the main reasons I became interested in jewelry. She collected costume and fine jewelry and wore it together, however she felt like it. She taught me that all those rules women have about not mixing gold with silver should just be tossed out the window!”

Eddie with our model at the trunk show; the glittering backstage array.
(Pieces pictured here are sold in select Nordstrom stores only; not available online.)

Want to see more? Shop our full Eddie Borgo Collection currently available online.

—Stefanie Frank

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