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Elizabeth Cole Jewelry Is Made to Be Seen, Even When Not Worn

Forget peacocking, parrots are the new bird mascots of the fashion set. That was our thought when we saw designer Stephanie Owen’s glitzy menagerie. Owen is the designer and founder of Elizabeth Cole jewelry, a collection of outsized statement pieces in rainbow shades that get smiles and create big looks. Her crystal feathered friends first caught our eye, but other charming characters and her elegant, classic danglers equally captivate. Fashion mavericks like Katy Perry and Mary J. Blige have also fallen for her flash.

When we spoke with Stephanie recently, we learned about her personal trove of costume jewelry, her love of interior design and how she displays her rhinestone stash around her artful home.


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Friends in High Places: Our Stylist on Statement Earrings and KFASHION

“I love a statement ear, can you tell?” Keara Matthiesen is being rhetorical. Yeah, girl. We can tell.

As one of our key stylists, it’s her job to know when and how to add hot hoops and bold dangles. For the images in Pop-In@Nordstrom: KFASHION, Keara styled white kicks and fishnets with the best Korean designers—and then added colorful and blingy earrings that practically sing.

KFASHION looks from KUHO with earrings by Simone Rocha from SPACE, our shop for new and emerging designers.

They make killer statements for sure but you’ll notice that in very, very few instances do the earrings match each other. In fact, you see those acid yellow Simone Rocha shoulder-dusters above? That might be the only set in the whole bunch. We’re all about the idea of standout singles and mix-matching, and it’s a natural fit for rocking Korean fashion, where it feels really modern to get into clashing and contrasting.



Life-Changing Jewelry by Soko

There is no denying that technology has always had an impact on fashion. But these days, that impact is being experienced on a global scale. Because of the connectedness of continents, trends and products are more easily traded than ever before. You can spot an outfit on a Malaysian blogger’s Instagram and shop it immediately, either online from the same stores the blogger did or by finding local retailers near you. All of this happens right from your phone.

The fast part of fashion can feel like a faceless blur. With this increase in globalism, the disconnect between producers and consumers is a growing cause for concern.

Soko Jewelry


Soko means marketplace in Swahili. It is the name that founders Gwendolyn Floyd, Catherine Mahugu and Ella Peinovich chose for their jewelry line. Originated when the three women had a “meeting of the minds” while working in Nairobi, the collection was inspired not as much by jewelry, however, as by the puzzling question, “How can we create a business and supply chain model where everyone wins?”


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Sparkly Suggestions: Bottles of Bubbly and the Perfect Earrings for New Year’s Eve

Nadri linear stud earring
Each year there are two things that help ensure our New Year’s Eve is a success: the perfect bottle of Champagne to pop at midnight and a pretty pair of earrings to make our party outfit shine.

For the first we spoke with Bryan Maletis, the owner of Fat Cork, a Champagne club, and an expert importer. He recommended these six special bottles for the big night. We then paired each delicious description with our favorite festive earrings that hit similar notes. Enjoy them separately or match them up for an extra-special entrée to 2016.

Alexander Lenique Excellence Cuvee BrutAlexandre Lenique Cuvée Excellence Brut

“Young Alexandre is a perfectionist in the vineyard and in his cellar. His Champagnes are very fresh and clean, perfect for an apéritif and great for long-term aging. The aromas are delicate, citrusy and floral. The taste is light on the palate but still complex. This is what I will be drinking on New Year’s Eve,” says Maletis.

Pair it with Nadri linear stud earrings (pictured above). The glittery crawler is elegant but fun and perfect with a crisp updo.
Pascal Redon Brut Rose

Pascal Redon Cuvée Brut Rosé

“A beautiful salmon color that is perfect for holiday meals and entertaining. It goes with a very diverse range of foods and is great by itself, too. It’s mostly Chardonnay with a little bit of Pinot Noir added for color and texture; this will make both Champagne aficionados and novices swoon.”

Pair it with the versatile and rosy Monica Vinader Riva diamond hoop drop earrings. This pretty pair can be worn at both casual and formal occasions. Like the bottle of rosé, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself reaching for them again and again.


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The Weekend Guide: December 18-20

Anna Faris is Unqualified, a new podcast by the actress

Listen: Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Billed as relationship advice from “unqualified Hollywood types,” Anna Faris’s podcast features her celebrity friends sharing their gratis knowledge and romantic counsel with callers. Hear Allison Janney, Rosie O’Donnell, Judah Friedlaner and more dish on NSFW topics with heartfelt humor.

Watch: F Is for Family
Netflix’s latest series is a very adult cartoon. F Is for Family looks at the lost hopes and dreams of ’70s dad Frank Murphy (created and voiced by comedian Bill Burr) in this gritty family sitcom. With period references to inflation, gender politics and pop culture, Frank and his kin trudge through an era of uncertainty with hilarity.

Read: The Relic Master by Christopher Buckley
The author of Thank You for Smoking, whom Tom Wolfe called “one of the funniest writers in the English language,” has a new novel set in a very vibrant 16th century. Buckley weaves a plot about religious forgeries to take readers on a romp through history and politics with an eye on the present.



Kendra Scott: A Rainbow of Earring Options

Add a pop of color to your look with these Kendra Scott 14k gold-plated earrings that boast a bold and beautiful array of stones.

Two styles, one fierce color statement: Kendra Scott ‘Elle’ Small Oval Earrings & ‘Skylar Spear’ Statement Earrings

For over 10 years, Texas native Kendra Scott has been creating jewelry for fashion-forward women who know that accessories can personalize and enhance any ensemble. Up your chic factor and check out the great necklaces, bangles and rings also in Kendra’s collection.


Freshly in Season

The exotic flare and rich ruby tones of these beaded teardrop earrings have us craving the sweet, tart bite of pomegranate.

Our Inspiration: Perfect timing—September marks the beginning of pomegranate season. We can satisfy both our cravings with these NuNu Designs earrings and a trip to the market. Now, a delicious endive salad or refreshing cocktail?
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