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Hana Mae Lee Talks About Hilarious Horror, Her Recluse Ambitions and Rad Style

You definitely know her as Lilly from Pitch Perfect (1, 2 and now 3), but Hana Mae Lee is branching out into more (and more vocal) roles. The star on the rise with ingenue eyes brings her distinctly darling style to all her projects—three to come this year alone.

We caught up with Lee to talk about what she shops, her signature hair style and her favorite movie moments.

What do you love about Nordstrom’s “one-of-a-kind” Anniversary Sale? Why is it a great time to shop?

I love the variety. From Le Creuset to MM6 Maison Margiela, so your boyfriend cooks while you’re looking good! Everyone loves a sale, but a great sale is where it’s at. #Heard

What do you usually shop during the sale?

I splurge on diptyque Feu de Bois candles.

How would you describe your personal style?

Dark. Oversized. Rad.


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Tuxedo on Kimmel Reminds Us: Time to Shop for Prom 2017

tuxedo700Photo by Kyle Johnson

Throwback boogie band Tuxedo never fails to change our mood. It’s just something about their music. If you didn’t catch their recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, increase the amount of positive energy in your life:

Check out our interview with Tuxedo. And if it’s relevant to you, let their outfits serve as a reminder that it’s prom season. Now is the time to shop for that perfect tuxedo, casual suit (Topman would be ideal for 90% of high schoolers) or flawless gown.

If you’re considering the suit/sneakers combo that Jake One is rocking in the image above (that’s Mayer Hawthorne next to him by the way), keep it clean and start by exploring the world of designer sneakers.

SHOP: tuxedos | Topman suits | designer sneakersprom dresses

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The Weekend Guide: April 15-17

Kevin MorbyHEAR: Singing Saw by Kevin Morby
If comparisons to the lyrical geniuses Lee Hazelwood, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan haven’t been enough to lure you to Kevin Morby’s albums, well, then we don’t have words for you. Morby’s third release, his best to date, features lush folk-rock mixed with flourishes from a saxophone (“Destroyer”), a trumpet (“Dorothy”) and a gospel choir (“I Have Been to the Mountain”).

DO: Obscura Day
Digital encyclopedia of global oddities Atlas Obscura invites you to embark on an adventure this Saturday. Sign up for any number of group outings to bizarre places like the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn; the House of Balls in Minneapolis; Kiev’s death mask museum; a secret garden party in a New York City cemetery; the Harry Partch Instrumentarium in Seattle; Tieranatomisches Theater in Berlin; or a concert in Oslo’s Emanuel Vigeland Museum and Mausoleum.

Record Store Day
Even if you’re not into collecting vinyl, Record Store Day (also Saturday) brings abundant treats for the music enthusiast. Local retailers often host performers, exclusive releases and product rollouts; plus, fans gather en masse to share rare finds. Rolling Stone has a comprehensive guide to the major record releases and reissues coinciding with this year’s event. But just drop into your local music store to see what’s playing.


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The Weekend Guide: April 8-10

Logan Marshall-Green in The InvitationSEE: The Invitation
Our imaginations and paranoias are often more horrific than any boogeyman. This seems the premise of Karyn Kusama’s newest film. Set at a Hollywood Hills dinner party, The Invitation causes us to question whether Will’s (Logan Marshall-Green) ex-wife and her new husband are hiding something behind their serene hospitality or whether we are yoked to an increasingly troubled protagonist. The chills derive from the subtle uncertainty sown in their interactions.

HEAR: Sept. 5th by dvsn
Pronounced “division,” this R&B duo on Drake’s OVO Sound label received a warm, lingering embrace from the music community for their sparse but sultry jams. Echoing rhythms lay the groundwork for a careful crescendo of sound and emotion on songs like “Hallucinations.” Ultimately the seduction of their music rests on its ability to retreat into the background or command attention, depending on one’s mood.

Love Streams by Tim Hecker
Working with Oscar-winning Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, veteran electric musician Tim Hecker created a delicate album featuring the sounds of an Icelandic choir, a harpsichord, bass clarinets, strings and electric guitars along with his usual boards and mixers. It’s a pastiche of orchestration, resembling church choral compositions, suitable to a digital age when novelty can derive from our nostalgia.

Ology by Gallant
The debut of another emerging alt-R&B act, Gallant, eviscerates with so many feelings, from the frustrated hopelessness beautifully rendered on “Bourbon” to the bargain striking of “Bone + Tissue.” Gallant’s “Weight in Gold” rightly gained acclaim and some popularity. This collection of new tracks will doubtlessly grant more airtime for his mesmerizing vocal range and to air his fuzzy emotions.


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The Weekend Guide: March 18-20

Valley sunglassesSHOP: VALLEY Sunglasses
The perfect shades for getting noticed while cloaking your identity—it’s all about enigma. VALLEY sunglasses are dramatic, Italian crafted and distinctive. Choose from a variety of geometric styles (cat eye, round, square and aviator) in stunning tortoise patterns or sleek hues. We think they’re perfect for festival season or a spring ski trip.

WATCH: My Beautiful Broken Brain on Netflix
Lotje Sodderland’s brain hemorrhage left the articulate and vibrant 34-year-old woman speech and logic impaired. The documentary follows the bravely upbeat Sodderland on the road to recovery as she struggles with her condition and the strange but interesting symptoms it imposes. Along the way she meets director David Lynch, who co-produced this inspiring film.

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday on Netflix
Paul Reubens returns as the lovable oddball with the enviable red bike and ragtag crew of friends. Netflix’s original takes Pee-wee to the Big Apple after an encounter with a cool stranger played by Joe Manganiello. Another road trip film, in the tradition of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, this special exposes the hilarious bow-tied man-child to life beyond his small-town playhouse. 


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The Weekend Guide: March 11-13

Emmy the Great
HEAR: Second Love by Emmy the Great
Pop singer and songwriter Emma Lee Moss’s third album covers difficult emotional terrain, but this soul-stirring singer seems to skate on it with her honeyed voice. Occasionally the atmospheric album becomes aloof, yet songs like “Algorithm” and “Hyperlink” reduce love’s struggles to orchestrated abstractions that an indie-inclined audience would recognize as brilliant modern day similes.

READ: An Unrestored Woman: And Other Stories by Shobha Rao
Stories exploring the 1947 schism of India and Pakistan could seem as daunting as that contentious border. In Shobha Rao’s hands, however, we are immersed in the sympathetic lives of citizens arbitrarily controlled by the geo-political divisions of territory. Love is aborted, children lost, families separated, individuals left to their alien resources in paired stories set both in the diaspora and the domestic.

SEE: City of Gold
The prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold is an admired and imitated connoisseur of urban eats. It’s not an exaggeration to attribute to him our national predilections for food trucks, obscure ethnic foods and adventurous eating. This documentary follows the insatiable scribe around LA, a city that warmly embraces him and his enthusiasm for its citizens and their culinary ambitions.


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The Weekend Guide: February 26-28

Christine and the Queens

LISTEN: Chaleur Humaine by Christine and the Queens
This reissue in English of the French pop chart-topper will alleviate plenty of Google translation. According to Christine herself (Héloïse Letissier), many of her incisive lyrics exploring identity and sexuality were originally written in English anyway. Thank goodness, we monoglots can now sing (and still dance) along.

SVIIB by School of Seven Bells
Recorded as a eulogy of sorts for band member Benjamin Curtis, with whom this album was written, singer Alejandra Deheza concocted this penetrating but uplifting collection of songs. A poppy music haze bleeds into dance anthems and touching indie rock. Atmospheric layers wrap Deheza’s personal reflections in a meditative but engaging experience that is just captivating.

STREAM: American Masters: Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The Godmother of Rock and Roll on PBS
Sister Tharpe brought gospel into the rock era with her singular stringing and performances at the Cotton Club and other New York venues, attracting the admiration of legends like Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington. Her guitar chops inspired Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Watch her story and see her perform in this historical documentary.


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The Weekend Guide: February 12-14

Basia Balut, Good AdviceLISTEN: Good Advice by Basia Bulat
The Canadian’s third album finds her mixing and bending musical genres to suit her soulful voice. At times poppy, at turns bluesy, Bulat energizes heartbreak with playful lyrics and jumping basslines produced by My Morning Jacket’s Jim James. Turns out it’s the perfect soundtrack to whatever kind of Valentine’s Day you’re having.

WATCH: Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie on Funny or Die
Johnny Depp (no kidding) in a wig and a prosthetic nose portrays the legendary real-estate tycoon and presidential candidate for the comedic website Funny or Die. Narrated by Ron Howard, this satirical made-for-TV movie was purportedly written, directed, edited and produced by Donald J. Trump, but the true talent is delightfully surprising.

11.22.63 on Hulu
Based on a Stephen King novel and directed by J.J. Abrams, this Hulu original series stars James Franco as a teacher traveling back in time to thwart the assassination of J.F.K. The thrilling eight-part opus premieres online on President’s Day. Stephen King fans, you’ll want to track the many author-themed Easter eggs hidden throughout the episodes.


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The Weekend Guide: February 5-7

Nordstrom Lunar New Year


CELEBRATE: Lunar New Year
Monday marks the beginning of the Year of the Monkey. We’ll be celebrating Saturday with a Chinese Lion Dance at our Downtown Seattle store beginning at 2pm PST. Other stores across the country will mark the occasion with events, red envelopes and surprises. You can also shop our Lunar New Year gifts online.

HEAR: Is the Is Are by DIIV
Although the band is its own hype machine for borough-residing hipster music (the lead singer draws exhausting comparisons between himself and Kurt Cobain), turns out Is the Is Are is a solid shoe-gazing collection of pleasurable listening. Leaning heavily on fuzzy guitars and muffled melodies, DIIV’s sophomore effort spins a cocoon of comforting sound.

READ: The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee
Following the fictional opera singer Lilliet Berne through a historic romp of the Belle Époque, Chee’s epic novel constructs a dazzling portrait of the period’s fashions and players. Presented with a libretto mirroring her life’s story, Berne chases its provenance while encountering musical and historical enigmas all set to Chee’s evocative prose.


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The Weekend Guide: January 29-31

Rihanna, courtesy of Roc NationHEAR: ANTI by Rihanna
With streamed music, release dates are ambiguous and violable. Wednesday night the most anticipated album of the last, say, three years leaked. ANTI is a conflicted mix of the artist’s vulnerable and tough sides and styles—take songs like “Close to You” and “Needed Me” respectively—furthering the pop singer’s enigmatic grip on our collective imagination. It’s available now exclusively on TIDAL and will release widely next Friday.

READ: Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine by Diane Williams
Stories as short as five lines read like enormously powerful incantations when Diane Williams pens them. With the right words and clever plotlines, the acclaimed writer places themes worthy of novels in a few paragraphs or pages. Each story unfurls like a meditation on the poetry and absurdity of life.

25 Women: Essays on Their Art by Dave Hickey
Art critic and public provocateur Dave Hickey has bristled some reviewers with his compilation of exhibition notes and criticism about contemporary women artists. Although his perspective is flagrantly un-PC and occasionally even condescending to the artists he claims to esteem, the “bad boy of the art world” writes sharply about his fascinating subjects.