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What to Pack for the Ultimate Golf Trip

Our friend Matt Walters—who happens to be married to Nordstrom Social Media Manager Carina Holtby—is going on the golf trip of a lifetime, headed to the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

Tickets to the premier American golf tournament are extremely rare. But after years of entering the country club’s lottery, Walters was finally rewarded with tickets and is taking his dad, the man who taught him the game.

What do you pack on a trip like that?

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Your Camping Essentials Checklist from Pop-In@Nordstrom Gets Out

Pop-In@Nordstrom Gets Out: your camping checklist.

Ready to celebrate long, post-solstice days in the great outdoors? We’ve pulled some of our favorite (and ultra-useful) provisions from our new Pop-In Shop so you can hit the open road, climb every mountainside or glamp like a champ with the best wilderness gear and down-with-nature home goods.

Time to pack it up and pack it down.


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Asking for a Friend: What to Wear to Bike to Work? Part II

Biking to work–a great option for those who are able–sharpens body and mind. You show up to the office feeling like Superman. But what to wear when biking to work? The main idea is to be comfortable on your commute, and then duck into a dark room to switch out your sweaty shirt—and emerge like Clark Kent. Senior Stylist Jodi Taylor helps us consider this transitional gear. (See our first post here.)


Photos by Matthew Sumi

  • Bring a backpack with a clean, button-up shirt inside. Whatever you go through on your bike ride—you put on the shirt and it’s like it never happened.
  • Anticipate wrinkles in your pants and choose a pair that look good when they’re less than pristine, like dark jeans or lightweight chinos.
  • Temperature swings require layers such as jackets, vests and hoodies. Give yourself options. The backpack comes in handy here.
  • Comfortable footwear is crucial. When in doubt, grab sneakers. You can also bring a pair of non-bike-friendly shoes in your backpack.
  • Wear a helmet: not up for negotiation!

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Adorable (and Adoptable) Rescue Dogs Model the Latest from Filson & Barbour


Are you shopping for clothes and accessories for your dog, and feeling like rugged Americana or British heritage might be a good look? You’re probably right! Consider pet accessories by legendary outdoor brands Filson and Barbour.

The receiving dog will end up ready to stunt on the other dogs at the park. Of course dogs don’t *have to* wear waxed cotton, quilted felt and durable leather. But they look at lot cooler when they do.

Fun story about the dogs in this story: We called Seattle Humane and asked if they had any potential models. They did, and brought five “highly adoptable” dogs for a photo shoot. Three were adopted on the spot by Nordstrom employees. This blogger rescued Luna, below.

The remaining two dogs found loving homes by the end of the week. Highly adoptable, indeed!

–Andrew Matson

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Take a Tour of Filson’s Factories | Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics

To commemorate our Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics collab and Filson’s imminent new flagship unveiling, we got inside one of the coolest and oldest Northwest brands to tour the production spaces and hang out with their highly specialized Filson Restoration Department, or FRD.

Filson factory tour.

First, A Little History: The original flagship and full-scale production studio (known today as third base at Seattle’s Safeco Field) was once the premier stop for prospectors during the Alaska Gold Rush. And though it’s been a few minutes since 1897, that same indomitable spirit definitely lives on within the company’s factories and sustainable manufacturing practices.

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Introducing Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at What’s Good

You know how you’re always thinking it’d be nice to toss out all of those has-beens and wannabes and just get the best of the best so you can keep them forever? Because we understand your time is precious, Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics went ahead and rounded up the most enduring versions of iconic life essentials for you—like one-of-a-kind Filson bags, custom cut and threaded Woolrich blankets and storied Leica cameras, to name a few.


All images by Donovan Nguyen

Now all you need to do is take a gander at some of the ultra-exclusive goods, like this retro-rad baseball tee from CAMP Collection, in their natural habitat (aka: behind the scenes at our scenic photo shoot) and pick out your new favorite lifers.

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