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Norwegian Jewelry Designer Mona Jensen of Tom Wood Let Us Inside Her Modern, Minimal Dream Home in Norway

As most design enthusiasts will tell you, Scandinavians are known for a certain elegant restraint. What is it about life in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other points North that inspires that wonderful less-is-more aesthetic? Oh, there are any number of theories, really, but the bottom line is that minimalism gets a lot of love these days and the lineage of designers that has come to include Oslo’s Mona Jensen are to thank for that.


Mona Jensen in her Oslo home, photographed by Ole Martin Halvorsen


Tom Wood accessories

Beginning with her simple but bold unisex signet rings, the founder and creative director of the SPACE jewelry line Tom Wood offers accessories for a beautifully low-key everyday style that could easily be called modern minimalism. It’s a look that Mona herself wears well, and in fact, lives and breathes—so we asked her to share some of her home and her life with us.


Fashion Week SPACE

New York Fashion Week: How Wing Does WWAKE, or, Be Your Own Ring Stack Designer

Vancouver, BC-born, Rhode Island School of Design-schooled Wing Yau is the consummate New York City designer. Given to highly individualized monochromatic outfits and intelligent conversations about negative space, ethical sourcing, form, function and end users, the WWAKE founder makes fine, edgy jewelry that is as immediately engaging as she is.


And yet, as seriously as she takes her design process, she actually sees you as the ultimate designer. She may negotiate the arches and angles and oversee the production and fabrication of solid gold, opals, sapphires and more, but it’s up to you to compose how they fit on your body.

Still, though, as quietly chic and artfully cool as she is, you can’t help but want to follow her lead.


Fashion Week SPACE

New York Fashion Week: Catching Up with Emoji Pearls and SPACE Designer Nektar De Stagni

Can fine jewelry be adorable? Clever? Charming? Cute? Absolutely.


In fact, Miami-based jewelry designer Nektar De Stagni manages to make her pearl-dotted, gold-spiked jewelry all of those things, and intelligent and deeply rooted as well.


Interviews SPACE

SPACE Jeweler Daniela Villegas Thinks We Have a Lot to Learn from Bugs

Nature always plays a role in fashion—designers draw inspiration from flowers, plants, trees and world travel, and those things and more show up in overt and abstract ways in prints and patterns. But every once in awhile things get even more specific. Remember how, for a time, there was a bird on everything? Yeah.


Daniela Villegas and an image from her Instagram account, courtesy Daniela Villegas

Insects certainly aren’t everywhere but they are omnipresent in the elaborately beautiful work of SPACE designer Daniela Villegas. “I love to use real elements from nature as good omens for the pieces, and as lucky charms. These elements are gifts from Mother Earth; using these treasures in my work is a way to celebrate and acknowledge how majestic nature is,” the Mexican-born jeweler told us.

She also told us how 1989’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids informs her thinking, why she likes ants, and what she’s looking forward to about her Tuesday, February 2 date to meet with shoppers at SPACE in Nordstrom Seattle.


Interviews SPACE

Caitlin Mociun + the Cayman Islands | SPACE at Nordstrom

Caitlin Mociun is on the move. The Brooklyn-based jewelry designer spends an enviable amount of time traveling—up to 10 trips a year!


Jewelry designer Caitlin Mociun shares her underwater vacation photos with us

One of her most loved spots is the Cayman Islands, where she spends the day underwater, looking at magical creatures and vivid colors and getting inspired to craft delicate and edgy fine gemstone earrings and more. In this story in our SPACE pages, we talked to her about the treasures of travel and the Mociun capsule collection she created just for us. And today—right here—we’re following up with some specifics on her favorite Caribbean outpost and her favorite things to take along when she goes.

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SPACE Welcomes Anna Sheffield in Seattle and Vancouver

We love nothing more than a designer visit—especially when the designer brings beautifully crafted gemstones to facilitate one-of-a-kind creations for the holidays and ever after.

Anna store portrait

Anna Sheffield image courtesy Anna Sheffield

On Thursday, November 5, from 12 to 3pm, New York City–based jewelry designer Anna Sheffield will visit SPACE in our flagship Seattle location. And on Saturday, November 7, from 12 to 3pm, she’ll be at SPACE in our brand-new Vancouver store.

We talked with her in anticipation of her Northwest visits, and found out what she’s looking forward to sharing with clients and fans.

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The Charm of David Yurman Arrives at

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, which is why we’re so excited to celebrate the online launch of David Yurman jewelry. The precious quality and exquisite craftsmanship of this fine jewelry and timepiece collection is materialized through the partnership of its co-creators—David and his wife, Sybil, a painter, who brings a collectible-art-like character to each piece.

Starting in 1980, David and Sybil have built an internationally desired brand crafted from the alluring and pulse-charging element of the cable, which David describes as life’s rhythm. Captivated by the iconic cable motif in David’s latest line, The Willow Collection, The Thread asked the New York-based designer and sculptor to shed some light on the enchanting grace of willow trees.


David’s poem reads:
Willow’s icy reflections / Dance on the pond / My heart becomes light again

Easy Elegance: David Yurman ‘Willow’ Five-Row Chain Necklace,
‘Willow’ Medium Drop Earrings with Diamonds &
‘Color Cocktail’ Ring with Stone and Diamonds

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The Bachelor’s Molly Mesnick Spotted in Whitney Stern

Molly, 29, and Jason Mesnick, 36, from season 13 of ABC’s The Bachelor stopped by the Katie Couric Show in New York City yesterday to chat with the host about married life and parenting post-reality TV. The Kirkland, Washington–based pair was a picture of perfection as they beamed chatting about the April arrival of their daughter Riley Anne.

A Neckline of Note: Whitney Stern Falling Leaf Pendant Necklace

And although baby Riley Anne was getting all the attention, we couldn’t help but notice the stunning jewelry Molly donned for the show. The Thread reached out to the reality star to find out who helped her get camera-ready.

“I was so excited to wear a few Whitney Stern pieces for our Katie Couric appearance,” says Molly. “Her jewelry is so unique, yet timeless, which is exactly what I look for in luxury jewelry. I wanted to brighten up my dress with some additional color without being too loud, and I was able to get that classy look with each piece. Each piece of jewelry complements the other, from the delicate necklaces to the bold cocktail rings. I will continue to be a Whitney Stern fan for life!”


Camera Ready Jewels: Whitney Stern Stone Ring, Drop Earrings & Quartz & Diamond Cocktail Ring

Whitney Stern is a Seattle-based artist known for her brightly colored gemstones. Discover her unique and versatile collection of handmade fine jewelry.