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The New York Sour from Nordstrom Restaurants Food & Drink Style

Good Cheers: The New York Sour Cocktail from Our Restaurants

The holiday parties are happening, and if you happen to be looking for the perfect drink to serve at your next event, we’ve got a suggestion that mixes two of our favorite adult beverages: wine and whiskey. The New York Sour is a sophisticated cocktail, with a citrusy rye base topped with a splash of vino, that will impress your guests. When all is said and done, this festive cocktail looks like a crackling fire in a glass and will make everyone merry. 

Or if you want to warm up with a pre-party drink, you can always stop by a Nordstrom restaurant to have a New York Sour prepared for you by our friendly team. 



Canyon Coffee Cofounders on Bonding over Coffee and How Best to Make It

California cuties Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz are ideally matched. The two met through a mutual friend and quickly fell in love while sipping cups of joe around the City of Angels. Their shared passions for the beverage, for travel and for giving back to the people they encounter provided a natural bond from which their relationship grew. Eventually, the duo decided to make their personal relationship a professional one, forming Canyon Coffee in 2016.

Canyon Coffee sources organically grown beans from international farms, usually paying more than the fair trade price to farmers they work with. In coming months, the company plans to expand its importing to involve additional regions. We caught up with Ally and Casey to talk about coffee. Get their tips for brewing the perfect cup for the person you love, and watch the video of them around L.A. in some styles from Treasure & Bond (exclusively at Nordstrom).


The Billionaire cocktail from Nordstrom Restaurants Food & Drink

Good Cheers: The Billionaire Cocktail from Our Restaurants

The holiday season should feel a bit decadent. But unfortunately it’s more often overindulgent: there’s overeating, overspending and many opportunities for overcommitting oneself. Come January 2, many of us end up feeling drained rather than refreshed. One way to ensure that we’re not overdoing it is to take time to appreciate and share in the small things. Like a delicious martini–OK, maybe two, but let’s not go overboard.

The Billionaire cocktail from our restaurants is just the thing to make you feel flush. It’s tart and sweet with homemade grenadine, a perfect palate cleanser after dinner or a pick-me-up at a party. And if you’ve really overplayed your hand this holiday, you can always stop by a Nordstrom restaurant to kick back and have someone mix this swanky drink for you.


Smoke and Heat cocktail from Nordstrom Restaurants Food & Drink

Good Cheers: The Smoke and Heat Cocktail from Our Restaurants

We agree that if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. So we’re fine with vacating, especially if we can mix ourselves a fancy cocktail while someone else does the heavy mixing and meal preparation. This smokey, citrus beverage from our restaurants always puts us in an uplifting preprandial mood. Mezcal gives the fruity optimism of the OJ some heft. A skosh of Grand Marnier rounds out the sweet-meets-smoldering flavor. Bonus: the Smoke and Heat is great for brunch, too.

And if no one wants to be in the kitchen, stop by one of our Nordstrom restaurants for a bite and a Smoke and Heat prepared by a professional.


Caroline Fleming Culture Food & Drink

Happy Cooking with Danish Baroness and British Reality Star Caroline Fleming

Simply by scanning tabloid and celebrity magazine covers, it’s easy to identify which occupations are most likely to place one in the paparazzi’s firing line. On the heels of being a young actress or supermodel, being a royal or a reality television star also attracts ample publication fascination and the photographer’s lens. Danish baroness and Ladies of London (it’s dishy!) television star Caroline Fleming has that perfecta. But she distinguishes herself by her purpose. The cheery blonde is a devoted mother and wellness enthusiast, whose new book, Cook Yourself Happy, contains traditional Danish dishes reinterpreted through her positivity, love of family, travels and health consciousness.

Caroline took the time to chat with us about her book and real life. Like her yummy recipes, the baroness is both refreshingly approachable and honest. Plus she has some great ideas for your holiday meal!


Korean Ribs Recipe from Nordstrom Food & Drink

Korean Short Ribs with Pineapple Vinaigrette Kimchi | What’s Cooking

This rich, spicy-sweet deliciousness is one of our restaurants’ most requested recipes, and it’s perfect for a hearty fall meal. You can make these traditional Korean ribs from the comfort of your kitchen—we like them paired with bok choy, a kicky kimchi slaw and pineapple vinaigrette—or we can always make them for you at selected in-store cafés.


Jason Wu dinner in Seattle Food & Drink Interviews Style

Our Dinner with Jason Wu—Plus a Sorbet Champagne Cocktail

Jason Wu isn’t exactly the flashy party boy so often associated with the fashion scene. The mild-mannered, impeccably polite and fundamentally sweet designer would be better cast as a gentlemanly dinner companion. Jason is, in fact, known for the beautiful dining experiences he creates for his nearest and dearest. We’ve profiled a few of the past shindigs that he’s thrown to celebrate his sibling label, GREY Jason Wu. And just last week, he hosted a dinner in Seattle. It was as perfectly planned—down to the gorgeous garnishes and centerpieces—as you’d expect from the detail-oriented fashion designer.

See the menu and images, plus read about the details—like his sorbet champagne cocktail—as described by Jason below. Two scoops, please!


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Here’s How to Create the Season’s Most Stylish Dinner Party (and Brunch, and More!)

There’s more to the season than the bold-face main events. Not to take away from the traditions and ceremonies that mean the most to you and your family, but wouldn’t you agree that the last-minute get-togethers and low-key shared meals that end up happening before and after are every bit as meaningful and special?

And aren’t the outfits just as good, too?


Agazit Afeworki, SPACE sales associate from our Seattle flagship, styled by Nordstrom stylist Keara Matthiesen in a Comme des Garçons tee and Molly Goddard Grace skirt (Nordstrom exclusive) with Ashley Williams earrings. She holds wonderfully giftable zipper pouches from Undercover. Some items available in-store only; please call 1.888.282.6060 in the U.S. or 1.877.794.5304 in Canada for assistance. 

All images by Jessa Carter

We’re in favor of celebrating togetherness as often as possible, and we’re also in favor of looking at decor and party vibes in the same way we look at fashion: as a mix of classic motifs, artfully unearthed components and new, inventive spins on everything else. 


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Creamy Baked Crab Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | What’s Cooking

Creamy Baked Crab Macaroni and Cheese Recipe from Nordstrom.

Indulge your inner child while making your grown-up palate happy. Our recipe for baked crab macaroni and cheese casserole isn’t stingy on the crab, with a whole pound stuffed under a golden-brown herbed panko crust. We like to reach for orecchiette pasta, because each cup-shaped noodle is like a little ladle for our creamy fontina cheese sauce (though opting for Gruyère wouldn’t be a bad idea either).

Creamy Baked Crab Macaroni and Cheese Recipe from Nordstrom.

We serve this comforting dish at our Nordstrom Grills (drop in for a bite!), but our recipe makes re-creating this super-popular dish easy enough for a weeknight meal at home and decadent enough to make an impressive dinner for entertaining—especially if you want to get extra fancy and bake each serving in an individual crock.

Nordstrom Crab Macaroni and Cheese Recipe.