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Sabering Champagne and the Power of Lipstick and Lingerie | The Realest

Each month we take a lady we admire and give her the model treatment in our photo shoot, The Realest. We bring the wardrobe, stylist, photographer and makeup artist; she brings her anything-but-one-size-fits-all personality and style. Then we all head out on location for a professional shoot that showcases this month’s cocktail and party looks.

Jessica Tousignant at Sun Liquor, The RealestAdrianna Papell beaded crop top and tulle midi skirt | Topshop ball stop hinge bangle and mirror statement ring | Charles David Ivette sandal | Glint lattice beaded minaudière 

Sun Liquor’s Jessica Tousignant can teach you something about spirits, style and enjoying life. In fact, she taught us how to saber a Champagne bottle and mix a Spanish G&T—more on that later. The sales and marketing professional for Seattle-based boutique distillery Sun Liquor has the enviable job of evangelizing the company’s quality gins, vodkas and rums around the globe. Naturally, that brings her in contact with many fascinating industry folks, among whom she easily holds court, at international bars and restaurants.

We had the chance to talk with the energetic traveler and food-and-drink enthusiast over an equally effervescent cocktail. Here’s what she told us about her personal style, beverage predilections and what to do in Cuba, her most recent, favorite destination.

Jessica Tousignant at Sun Liquor, The RealestTell us about what you do at Sun Liquor. 

I’m the vice president of sales. In short, I’m in charge of everything related to sales and education, and I have a hand in marketing as well. I find and establish new markets and support existing ones, which means that I’m out travelling all over the place for roughly half of every year. It’s a quickly growing company, so I really wear a lot of hats, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. A lot of people think I party for a living, but really it’s a lot of behind-the-scenes heavy lifting in order to make that part possible.

What and where are the liquors currently available for purchase? 

We have a lot! Everything we make is organic. We have UNXLD Vodka, Hedge Trimmer Gin, Gun Club Gin, Silver and aged agricole (cane juice) style rums, as well as a line of bitters and our eggnog, which has an astounding cult following. We also have a few special releases coming up that everyone should keep their eyes peeled for: we got our hands on some of the raw honey that comes from the beehives kept on the rooftop of the Fairmont Olympic hotel—very exciting! Nationally, everything can be found at Total Wine & More, and also on all Alaska Airlines flights.


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Where Olivia Kim Eats During Paris Fashion Week

As discussed last season, Olivia Kim is a lunch person. Today I suggested that I had been with her a time or two when we didn’t quite have time to stop for lunch and both she and SPACE buyer Raul Becerra looked at me like my hair was on fire.

“Oh no, we always stop for lunch,” she insisted, serious as a heart attack.


All images by Jessa Carter

It’s hard to explain just how much of a luxury that actually is. Most days are back-to-back-to-back, stacked with shows and appointments, but Olivia and her team avoid skipping the midday meal by putting lunch on the schedule every day—as if it were as important as meeting with a top designer. Because it is.

Her go-to cuisine in Paris? Not croissants, not sidewalk cafe fare, but Asian. On Thursday we put a spin on it by stopping in at a vegan joint in the Bastille neighborhood. Olivia had vegan sushi and gave us her download on the best spots for Korean, Vietnamese and more in the City of Light. 


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Throw a Tony Awards Watching Party with Our Recipes, and Join Us on the Red Carpet

Tony Awards watching party: easy party appetizer and cocktail recipes for entertaining a crowd from Nordstrom.

We’re excited to again be the official red-carpet sponsor for the Tony Awards on Sunday, June 11. While you’re watching all the style and excitement at Broadway’s biggest night, why not  invite some friends over and enjoy all the action while imbibing and snacking on some delicious nibbles from our cookbooks and restaurants?

We’ve got four simple recipes for entertaining a crowd: an easy, creamy artichoke dip with Parmesan cheese; a gourmet popcorn bar with three flavor-packed seasoning salts; a wine-spritzer-meets-sangria cocktail; and our version of a French 75 champagne cocktail made with orange liqueur and real gold flakes—so fancy.

Tony Awards watching party: easy party appetizer and cocktail recipes for entertaining a crowd from Nordstrom.


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Fresh, Homemade Sparkling Hibiscus Lemonade Party Punch Recipe | What’s Cooking

Party punch idea: Sparkling Hibiscus Lemonade from Nordstrom. A fresh, homemade lemonade from real lemons with hibiscus tea concentrate and club soda. Recipe from Nordstrom; photo by Jeff Powell.

Our recipe for freshly squeezed homemade lemonade—with the perfect tart-to-sweet balance—gets friendly with the concentrated flavors of tropical hibiscus for a refreshing summer party drink that effervesces with a top-off of club soda. (Though we won’t tell if you swap out the club soda for champagne, or tip in a bit of quality vodka to take this kid-friendly party punch into adults-only territory.)

Like with our recipe for Sparkling Pomegranate Lemonade, this makes two gallons for a big crowd. You can halve the recipe for a smaller gathering, or, as I did, use up any extra to make a super-delicious granita in your freezer—a dessert perfectly suited for a warm summer night.

Dried loose-leaf hibiscus tea leaves.


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Throw a Kentucky Derby Party with Our Recipes and Style Inspiration

How to throw a Kentucky Derby party with recipes and style inspiration from Nordstrom.

One day each year, folks dress in their spring finery and head to the racetrack. Or, for about two minutes, some with otherwise no interest in equine affairs turn to their televisions. Mint juleps are poured. Bets are placed. Rapt eyes focus on Louisville, Kentucky, where for over a century 20 of the most beautiful and athletic horses in the world compete in the first of three races that form the Triple Crown.

“The Run for the Roses”—or the Kentucky Derby—is one of our enduring national pastimes. Although originally modeled after the English Epsom Derby, it has become distinctly American. Southern style, food and customs pervade the event and the many events surrounding the main one. But just as the race’s founders took liberties with the equestrian traditions of Europe, many households and barrooms throw alternative versions of the party on the lawn at Churchill Downs.

How to throw a Kentucky Derby party with recipes and style inspiration from Nordstrom.

Since the sporting life is as good a reason as any to rally around delicious food and drink, we invited some of our favorite Nordstrom people over for a Kentucky Derby party. Our menu included snack variations on traditional Southern foods, some strong cocktails and plenty of horsing around in front of the camera in candy-colored clothes. Since the main event usually takes just minutes, there’s ample time to catch up with each other and enjoy a pleasant, lazy afternoon that can easily drift from a casual cocktail hour into a light dinner.

How to throw a Kentucky Derby party with recipes and style inspiration from Nordstrom.

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday, May 7. Undercard races begin at noon ET and the main event is at 4pm ET.


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Classic Homemade Carrot Cake Recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting | What’s Cooking

Easy, moist carrot cake recipe from scratch with homemade cream cheese frosting from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.

Meet the cake that bridges the divide between lovers and haters: our easy, moist carrot cake. Carrots seem like a weird thing to put in a cake, but not if you’re from ye olde times before the advent of processed sugar, or if you’re looking for something that grows abundantly and is rich with natural sugar. Or if you had lived through times when supplies were limited. These days, we don’t rely on the carrots as the sole source of sweetness, but they do lend a flavor layer and moisture content of their own, which have kept this cake kicking around and beloved by many.

Even so, there are many among us who don’t usually think, “Root vegetable? Mmm … that’ll make a delicious dessert!” Especially when you look at a typical slice and there are all these scraggly bits of bright-orange vegetable debris poking out of each forkful. But in our from-scratch carrot cake recipe, the carrots are finely grated, which not only helps distribute their flavors evenly as they break down throughout the cake, but you also end up with much more hydrated, visually appealing crumb. Also to its credit, our method keeps flavors simple, traditional and delicious—without walking on the wild side by adding raisins or pineapple or whatever else (though you certainly could, if you’re an advanced carrot cake connoisseur).

Topping it all, you have the rich, tangy cream cheese frosting. Cream. Cheese. Frosting. Nobody hates that. We challenge you to put a slice of this carrot cake in front of its worst enemy. The only fight that will ensue will be over the last slice. It’s really just that good.

Easy, moist carrot cake recipe from scratch with homemade cream cheese frosting from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.


Fashion Week SPACE

Paris Fashion Week: Olivia Kim is a Lunch Person

A few weeks before we all packed our bags for New York Fashion Week, Olivia Kim and I met to go over a few things in her office, and as we discussed how our days with SPACE brands and their showrooms and runway shows would go, she stopped and said emphatically, “We will build a break into our schedule every day so we can stop and eat like normal people. I’m a lunch person.


Olivia Kim in the Koché showroom; it can’t be all work and no play, but it sometimes seems like it is. 

But what’s that saying about the best laid plans? Yeah, Fashion Week basically renders them void. Which is not to say we haven’t stopped a few times over the last month to a quick bite here or there, but it certainly has not happened as often as the average Lunch Person would have liked.


Just this week, however, between our showroom appointment with Vetements and the Acne Studios runway show, we managed to duck into a Chinese/Thai restaurant on the Champs-Élysées called Diep that our pal Julien David had recommended. Should you be in the need of a lunch break in Paris—or should we, for some reason, need proof that we really are humans who pause long enough to eat civilized meals, we documented it with some photos.


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Home Brew Homework: Evaluating Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit

This post first appeared on our Men’s Shop blog.


Image and animation by Elizabeth Rudge

To better consider Brooklyn Brew Shop’s beer making kit–which we love and will be demonstrating on this blog in the near future–we asked a professional brewer to give it a test drive.

Our friend Andy Arguelles at Two Beers Brewing Company, which is right down the street from our photo studio in Seattle, said he’d give it a whirl. After he played around with Brooklyn Brew Shop’s kit for a few days, we called him and asked what he thought.

Here’s Andy on the beer kit, his favorite parts of the brewing process and which beers to pair with meals you will almost certainly cook/eat this week.


Shop: Brooklyn Brew Shop


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Easy, Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe | What’s Cooking

Easy, healthy strawberry smoothie recipe with frozen fruit, spinach and coconut milk recipe from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.
Okay, even if it weren’t that time of year when everyone’s trying to stick to some resolution to treat themselves better, we’d still totally be into this super-easy strawberry smoothie. At our Fruititude juice bars, we make this dairy-free Spinberry smoothie by whizzing up some frozen strawberries, brain-boosting blueberries, a full serving of antioxidant-rich greens (shh, it’s got spinach inside!), coconut milk and a little agave nectar. It’s a fresh, vibrantly colored beverage that feels more like a luscious indulgence than a nutrient-filled way to up your dose of daily fruits and vegetables.

Easy frozen strawberry recipe without yogurt recipe from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.


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Sparkly Suggestions: Bottles of Bubbly and the Perfect Earrings for New Year’s Eve

Nadri linear stud earring
Each year there are two things that help ensure our New Year’s Eve is a success: the perfect bottle of Champagne to pop at midnight and a pretty pair of earrings to make our party outfit shine.

For the first we spoke with Bryan Maletis, the owner of Fat Cork, a Champagne club, and an expert importer. He recommended these six special bottles for the big night. We then paired each delicious description with our favorite festive earrings that hit similar notes. Enjoy them separately or match them up for an extra-special entrée to 2016.

Alexander Lenique Excellence Cuvee BrutAlexandre Lenique Cuvée Excellence Brut

“Young Alexandre is a perfectionist in the vineyard and in his cellar. His Champagnes are very fresh and clean, perfect for an apéritif and great for long-term aging. The aromas are delicate, citrusy and floral. The taste is light on the palate but still complex. This is what I will be drinking on New Year’s Eve,” says Maletis.

Pair it with Nadri linear stud earrings (pictured above). The glittery crawler is elegant but fun and perfect with a crisp updo.
Pascal Redon Brut Rose

Pascal Redon Cuvée Brut Rosé

“A beautiful salmon color that is perfect for holiday meals and entertaining. It goes with a very diverse range of foods and is great by itself, too. It’s mostly Chardonnay with a little bit of Pinot Noir added for color and texture; this will make both Champagne aficionados and novices swoon.”

Pair it with the versatile and rosy Monica Vinader Riva diamond hoop drop earrings. This pretty pair can be worn at both casual and formal occasions. Like the bottle of rosé, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself reaching for them again and again.