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Happy Cooking with Danish Baroness and British Reality Star Caroline Fleming

Simply by scanning tabloid and celebrity magazine covers, it’s easy to identify which occupations are most likely to place one in the paparazzi’s firing line. On the heels of being a young actress or supermodel, being a royal or a reality television star also attracts ample publication fascination and the photographer’s lens. Danish baroness and Ladies of London (it’s dishy!) television star Caroline Fleming has that perfecta. But she distinguishes herself by her purpose. The cheery blonde is a devoted mother and wellness enthusiast, whose new book, Cook Yourself Happy, contains traditional Danish dishes reinterpreted through her positivity, love of family, travels and health consciousness.

Caroline took the time to chat with us about her book and real life. Like her yummy recipes, the baroness is both refreshingly approachable and honest. Plus she has some great ideas for your holiday meal!


Korean Ribs Recipe from Nordstrom Food & Drink

Korean Short Ribs with Pineapple Vinaigrette Kimchi | What’s Cooking

This rich, spicy-sweet deliciousness is one of our restaurants’ most requested recipes, and it’s perfect for a hearty fall meal. You can make these traditional Korean ribs from the comfort of your kitchen—we like them paired with bok choy, a kicky kimchi slaw and pineapple vinaigrette—or we can always make them for you at selected in-store cafés.


Jason Wu dinner in Seattle Food & Drink Interviews Style

Our Dinner with Jason Wu—Plus a Sorbet Champagne Cocktail

Jason Wu isn’t exactly the flashy party boy so often associated with the fashion scene. The mild-mannered, impeccably polite and fundamentally sweet designer would be better cast as a gentlemanly dinner companion. Jason is, in fact, known for the beautiful dining experiences he creates for his nearest and dearest. We’ve profiled a few of the past shindigs that he’s thrown to celebrate his sibling label, GREY Jason Wu. And just last week, he hosted a dinner in Seattle. It was as perfectly planned—down to the gorgeous garnishes and centerpieces—as you’d expect from the detail-oriented fashion designer.

See the menu and images, plus read about the details—like his sorbet champagne cocktail—as described by Jason below. Two scoops, please!


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Masala Roast Potatoes Recipe from Tastemade’s Vijaya Selvaraju

Just in time for your Thanksgiving plans—whether they be getting together with family and friends or eating turkey in front of the TV—the geniuses at Tastemade have gifted us some yummy holiday dishes that you’ll want to keep in your recipe repertoire.

Masala Roast Potatoes from Tastemade

We started with dessert first, so be sure to check out these delicious nibbles if you missed Amy Lee’s Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites. Now we’re on to the meat and potatoes portion of our holiday feast—or at least the potatoes part here.

Vijaya’s savory tubers add a spicy eastern flavor to your dinner. This easy-to-make side dish is a Thanksgiving staple with a twist that’s sure to please your dining companions.


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Throw a Kentucky Derby Party with Our Recipes and Style Inspiration

How to throw a Kentucky Derby party with recipes and style inspiration from Nordstrom.

One day each year, folks dress in their spring finery and head to the racetrack. Or, for about two minutes, some with otherwise no interest in equine affairs turn to their televisions. Mint juleps are poured. Bets are placed. Rapt eyes focus on Louisville, Kentucky, where for over a century 20 of the most beautiful and athletic horses in the world compete in the first of three races that form the Triple Crown.

“The Run for the Roses”—or the Kentucky Derby—is one of our enduring national pastimes. Although originally modeled after the English Epsom Derby, it has become distinctly American. Southern style, food and customs pervade the event and the many events surrounding the main one. But just as the race’s founders took liberties with the equestrian traditions of Europe, many households and barrooms throw alternative versions of the party on the lawn at Churchill Downs.

How to throw a Kentucky Derby party with recipes and style inspiration from Nordstrom.

Since the sporting life is as good a reason as any to rally around delicious food and drink, we invited some of our favorite Nordstrom people over for a Kentucky Derby party. Our menu included snack variations on traditional Southern foods, some strong cocktails and plenty of horsing around in front of the camera in candy-colored clothes. Since the main event usually takes just minutes, there’s ample time to catch up with each other and enjoy a pleasant, lazy afternoon that can easily drift from a casual cocktail hour into a light dinner.

How to throw a Kentucky Derby party with recipes and style inspiration from Nordstrom.

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday, May 7. Undercard races begin at noon ET and the main event is at 4pm ET.


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Home Brew Homework: Evaluating Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit

This post first appeared on our Men’s Shop blog.


Image and animation by Elizabeth Rudge

To better consider Brooklyn Brew Shop’s beer making kit–which we love and will be demonstrating on this blog in the near future–we asked a professional brewer to give it a test drive.

Our friend Andy Arguelles at Two Beers Brewing Company, which is right down the street from our photo studio in Seattle, said he’d give it a whirl. After he played around with Brooklyn Brew Shop’s kit for a few days, we called him and asked what he thought.

Here’s Andy on the beer kit, his favorite parts of the brewing process and which beers to pair with meals you will almost certainly cook/eat this week.


Shop: Brooklyn Brew Shop


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Sweet and Spicy: Chicken Wings Two Ways, Baked and Fried | What’s Cooking

Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Wings Recipe for a Party or Appetizers from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.We’re sharing these two recipes as Super Bowl party menu ideas, but after tasting the knockout flavors in both dishes, you’ll want to make them more than just once a year. These chicken wings are perfect as finger-licking appetizers or main-course MVPs (we recommend serving them alongside rice and vegetables like blanched green beans).

In our first recipe for baked chicken wings, Sriracha and a couple tablespoons of ground Tellicherry peppercorns get things fired up but are sweetly balanced by a mouthwatering caramel glaze. Our second recipe calls for frying the chicken wings. In this dish, even more black peppercorns lend their heat to an Asian-inspired sauce with ginger and shallots. A quick toasting of the peppercorns and a final addition of just a bit of coconut milk mellows any overly pungent spice in a surprisingly mild but still peppery sauce that gets tossed with the crispy-skinned wings.

Spicy Fried Chicken Wings Recipe for a Party or Appetizers from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.



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The Weekend Guide: December 4-6

A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix

Watch: A Very Murray Christmas
It may be plain weird or it may be a winter wonderland packed with our favorite celebrity oddballs—or delightfully both. We’re not quite sure what to expect from Netflix’s new musical comedy (available today) starring Bill Murray (a “secular saint,” according to The New York Times) and directed by indie auteur Sofia Coppola. Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Chris Rock, Amy Poehler and many others join in the fun.

Spike Lee
‘s adaptation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata has the title character encouraging all women to pledge abstinence until gang members in Chicago put down their guns. With acerbic humor cutting the severity of the real-life death count in the Windy City, Lee depicts our national crisis with sexual, historical and satirical layers, courting plenty of controversy and conflicting reviews.

Cook (or Just Admire): New York Times Hanukkah Recipes on Pinterest
Even if you’re not keeping kosher, these mouthwatering foods will have you whipping up some latkes, brisket and challah. Raspberry Rose Rugelach could easily dominate any cookie exchange you have on the calendar. And the Sweet and Sour Braised Brisket with Cranberries and Pomegranate deserves to be served at your next family function, no matter the occasion.

See the Year-in-Music and More: Read On


Summer Events Calendar 2014

To help simplify your summer-fun choices, we hand-selected a few art, food, music and film events across the country for you—and paired up two different go-to looks for each category. Find out what’s happening near you this summer, as well as the perfect outfit to arrive in style!


Jeff Koons: A Retrospective & Edward Hopper and Photography
Koons: June 27-Oct 19 | Hopper: July 17–Oct 19
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City

Outfit Inspiration:
[continue reading…]


Summer Social Calendar

Summer’s finally here. Now what? From rock ‘n’ roll to wine tasting, here’s where to go, what to do, and (of course) what to wear this summer when soaking up some sun—and culture—in some of our favorite U.S. cities.


at the Geffen Contemporary, MOCA Los Angeles
May 19–June 12, 2011

With Shepard Fairey’s presidential poster and Banksy’s Oscar nod, it’s official: Graffiti, like punk rock and hip-hop before it, has gone mainstream.

A new exhibit at MOCA marks a huge step toward street art becoming a critical success, as well as a cultural one. Ironic, yes, but nonetheless exciting.

Freed from the risk of getting arrested, the artists went all out. Banksy’s larger-than-life installation, complete with a steamroller to squash his own work, is proof that great art not only makes a statement—it’s also seriously fun to look at.

Balenciaga and Spain: de Young Museum, San Francisco, through July 4
Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty: The Met, NYC,  through July 31
Chihuly, Through the Looking Glass: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, through August 7

Art Appreciation (left)
Even your boldest fashion strokes won’t distract from the surroundings—so color-block to your heart’s content. Wear walk-worthy shoes if your plans include exploring the concrete jungle to observe street art in its natural habitat.

Museum as Muse (right)
Don a statuesque dress and avant-garde accessories if ‘Art in the Streets’ is the aperitif to a chic evening out. Go on a Saturday, when the museum stays open ’til 9pm, and you’ll have plenty to talk about over a late dinner at Kagaya or Sushi-Gen.

Shop Artistic Aesthetic


May 19–June 12, 2011

With 257 feature films from 74 countries, SIFF, Seattle’s annual film-buff fantasy camp, is the largest event of its kind in the U.S.

It’s also a built-in tour of quintessentially Seattle attractions. Find first-rate thrifting in the U District after Detention at the Neptune Theater. Explore inner recesses of a mazelike Capitol Hill bookstore before Gainsbourg at the Egyptian. Then stop by our flagship store downtown after Simple Simon at Pacific Place, on your way to the Sci-Fi Museum and Experience Music Project (with a new Nirvana exhibit)—perfect places to geek out even harder.

Rooftop Films: NYC, through August 15
LA Shorts Fest: July 21–29
Telluride Film Festival: Colorado, September 2–5

Theater Hopping (left)
Pedal pushers and a fetching retro print strike the right balance of efficiency and fun for a day spent crisscrossing town in the name of indie cinema. Try public transportation to avoid heinous parking, and forget the umbrella—most natives don’t even own one.

Premiere Night (right)
Certain points in the festival call for an elegantly aloof twist on red carpet élan—like the tribute to ski-film legend Warren Miller at Benaroya Hall, and the annual ‘Gay-La’ in Capitol Hill, featuring LGBT-themed films and a highly anticipated after-party.

Shop Film-Fest Favorites


September 16–18, 2011

Die-hard audiophiles in online chat rooms debate the pros and cons of festival lineups down to the last detail. But the truth is, you’re sure to see amazing acts no matter which major festival you choose.

That’s why this year, we’re factoring in location as criteria for our top festival pick—and were leaning toward Austin City Limits, set in one of the country’s coolest towns, before the lineup was even out.

The venue is a quick walk or free shuttle ride from downtown Austin—but consider staying at a hotel in nearby SoCo, where quirky vintage shops are a mecca of stylishly offbeat souvenirs.

Lollapalooza: Chicago, August 5–7
Outside Lands: San Francisco, August 12–14
All Tomorrow’s Parties: Asbury Park, NJ, September 30–October 2

Dedicated Fan (left)
To navigate ACL’s eight stages in 100-degree heat, you’ll need flat boots, cool cutoffs, and a cover-up to stave off sunburned shoulders. Stay hydrated with free filtered water, and refuel between bands with the tantalizing lineup of local food vendors.

Backstage Pass (right)
Mash up genres by mixing boho glam with rugged workwear and quaint lace. You’ll look like you’re with the band, whether you spring for ‘VIP Grove’ wristbands or not (although with unlimited drinks and real bathrooms, it’s worth considering).

Shop Best of Boho


June 17–19, 2011

If your kitchen cost more than your car and you compulsively DVR Food Network, Food & Wine magazine‘s epically indulgent, annual melting pot of industry insiders and culinary enthusiasts is your ultimate weekend retreat.

Between wine seminars and cooking demonstrations, you might find yourself rubbing elbows, and sharing rare bottles, with world-famous chefs. Should the mood die down after each evening’s Grand Tasting, your party can always migrate to one of Aspen’s farm-to-table watering holes. Just don’t stay out too late—you’ve got sparkling wines to sample tomorrow at 10am sharp.

Taste of Chicago: June 24–July 3
Good Beer Month: NYC, July 1–31
The Taste: LA, September 2–5

Studious Foodie (left)
Crisp classics like eyelet tanks and linen trousers hobnob nicely with an upper-crust crowd. Pack a pen to take notes at Mario Batali’s seafood seminar, and a lipstick with built-in compact to check your teeth before meeting Michael Symon.

Toast of the Tents (right)
A mix of European chic and all-American prep is spot-on for this mingling of worldly libations nestled high in the Rockies. Even if your agenda is as simple as ‘have fun, get tan,’ you’ll still want to maintain some concept of time—it’d be a serious buzzkill to arrive tardy at tastings like ‘Spanish Grapes’ at 10am, ‘Napa Cabernet’ at 2pm, and ‘Modern Bordeaux’ at 3:30pm.

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Apparel photos by Morgan Talbot and Alison Katica Blomgren.

Additional photo credits:
Art: Corbis Images.
Film: Courtesy of Seattle International Film Festival.
Music: Jack Edinger, Dave Mead, Nick Simonite.
Food: Missy McLamb, Riccardo Savi, Corbis Images.