Gucci Fall 2018 Fashion Week Street Style Style

Gucci on the Catwalk and Sidewalk at Milan Fashion Week

Photos by Indigital Images

Alessandro Michele has always challenged conventional ideas of beauty. He casts models that look more like misfits; they appear on the runway gangly and un-made-up, with awkward hairstyles and angry expressions. Gucci Fall 2018 was an exception only in that some had extreme body modifications—an extra eye or a spare head.

The show was set in an operating theater, which the brand stated “reflects the work of a designer—the act of cutting, splicing and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them.” Recasting unlikely references is Michele’s specialty. His inspirations are broad, ranging from the ancient to science fiction, the glamorous to the grotesque. His collections could struggle to hang together, except that each is sprinkled with the excess sparkle of a fairy tale, macabre and transcendent. Instead of performing surgery on specific bodies or creating from cut cloth, Michele more so operates on the social fabric of Western Civilization, our cultural stories, identities and memories. It’s peak postmodernism, so it’s no surprise that the designer referenced Michel Foucault’s identity theories in his show notes.


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Fashion Week Style

Fashion Bytes: Gucci’s History of the World at Milan Fashion Week

Photos by Indigital Images

Welcome to Fashion Bytes, a cheat sheet for your favorite runway designers. From style inspirations to behind-the-scenes scoops, here’s everything worth knowing at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018.

The brand: Gucci

The history: The label was founded by the unbelievably alliterative Guccio Gucci in 1921. Gucci had been a porter at the Savoy Hotel in London—that was the extent of his firsthand experience before beginning his luxury luggage company in his birthplace, Florence. In 1953, the designer’s sons (Aldo, Rodolfo, Ugo and Vasco) established a new logo for the brand in tribute to their father and founder, and the double G was born.


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Listening to A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean While Shopping for Raf Simons, A.P.C. and Gucci

Rappers joining forces with fashion brands: a tale as old as time? Well, it’s definitely a going concern. The fusion between the two is in full effect at the moment.

Perhaps you’ve heard: A$AP Rocky’s new song “RAF” repeatedly references Raf Simons, the legendary Belgian designer. Simons is named in each verse by Rocky and his guest stars Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert and Frank Ocean. You can listen to the song on episode 006 of blonded RADIO, Ocean’s show on Apple Music / beats 1—or enjoy one of the YouTube rips available at the moment. Check out our adidas by Raf Simons collection below.


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And since we’re on the topic of Frank Ocean …


Style Video

Gucci’s Pre-Fall Throwback Dance Party Video

British-born, Brooklyn-based photographer and videographer Glen Luchford has been capturing the ultra-engaging universe of Gucci for the past few seasons—the layers of colors, the wild embellishments, the nerdy/cool casting, the far-flung locations and their other-worldly, other-era moods.

All images courtesy Gucci 

To hype the pre-fall ’17 collection, the hairdresser-turned-photo-snapper co-produced a video campaign called “Soul Scene,” in which an all-black cast of models busts insane dance moves inside the Mildmay Club in London.

And we’ve got the whole gorgeous thing.


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Low Flex Zone: Subversive Spring Designer with Porter Ray


Nordstrom is based in Seattle right down the street from Sub Pop Records, the label that originally introduced the world to Nirvana. We’re big fans and old friends. Lately, rap music is ascendant in Seattle and now Sub Pop is working with one of the stars of the scene, the literary-minded Porter Ray.

To capitalize on the timing of Ray’s new album Watercolor and our new spring selection, he came through our Seattle flagship to see what was good. Turns out: a lot.

Ray prefers a uniform of tapered pants, hoodies and bomber jackets. Within that framework, he picked graphic designs from brands that are a little underground and not especially glitzy – J.W.Anderson, known for androgyny; Tim Coppens, known for ’90s-era skate style – along with this season’s hottest jackets from Gucci and Givenchy.

We appreciate that in his dressing, as with his music, Ray is traditional yet fearlessly artistic. There’s a frame, and he’s flexing within it.

Below, see more looks as well as quotes from Ray about how and why he raps. Plus: a video about forming his view of style through the lens of a private school uniform.

–Andrew Matson

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Four Influential Women Dish on Career Success, Interview Outfits and the Secret to Networking


Are you posting a #WCW on Instagram today? If you haven’t already, you should, because today is International Women’s Day, a day when women all over the world are celebrating each other and the collective goal of building a more unified working world. And it’s no secret that the fashion and beauty worlds are led by smart, successful women who not only influence the way we shop, dress and curate our top shelves (not to mention our Pinterest boards) but also inspire us with their amazing personal achievements and career stories. From nail polish moguls and fashion designers to editors and photographers, we interviewed four amazing women who filled us in on their work wisdom, career advice and (bonus!) what they wore to their first interviews.


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Fresh Off Our Spring Campaign, Petra Collins Shoots the New Gucci Video

You know that thing when two of your friends hit it off? That’s what’s happening right now with Petra Collins, the young visionary who shot our spring campaign, and Gucci, which hopefully needs no introduction.

Collins walked as a model in the recent Gucci show in Milan and has also been creating imagery for the legendary Italian brand. Check out her new video for Gucci above—and read our interview with Collins here.

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The Best Hats from Gucci’s Fall 2017 Show

Alessandro Michele is bringing haberdashery back—among so many other seemingly lost arts.

The designer’s fall 2017 runway show was once again an abundant display of his far-flung influences–and we mean that as the highest praise. Michele, who refers to collections as a “new story” or “chapter,” can seem downright pedantic in the obscurities he digs up. This season one could cite–if one ventured to–entomology, Orientalism, Jane Austen and AC/DC as just some of the references this weaver of worlds and garments wrought throughout his collection. And there are likely other more esoteric inspirations that informed him.

Gucci Fall 2017

Photos by Indigital Images

Although accessories like chain mail, rhinestone glasses, Gucci chest tattoos and manacled clutches were also on full display, this season his hats seemed the most wearable and wonderful. And we’re not talking the headscarves and headbands–or the hairstyles that looked like helmets–all of which were plenty, too.

From Hardee hats to turbans to balaclavas to chullos, here are some of the toppers that show why Michele’s brand of nostalgia is completely forward-looking–and not just old hat.


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Animal Style: Fashion Brands with Zoological Designs

animalstyleAnimals are everywhere in fashion for women, men and kids. Perhaps you’ve noticed. Is it the Gucci effect? An aspect of a wider maximalist trend? Increasingly web-based humans yearning for a return to nature?

Regardless, we are seeing more animals depicted on clothes and accessories than ever before. And while we must shout out PUSS PUSS, the leading cat/fashion magazine, clearly designers are now letting the dogs out. And tigers, pandas and deer.

Check out seven brands below featuring animals in creative and exciting ways.


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Here’s How to Create the Season’s Most Stylish Dinner Party (and Brunch, and More!)

There’s more to the season than the bold-face main events. Not to take away from the traditions and ceremonies that mean the most to you and your family, but wouldn’t you agree that the last-minute get-togethers and low-key shared meals that end up happening before and after are every bit as meaningful and special?

And aren’t the outfits just as good, too?


Agazit Afeworki, SPACE sales associate from our Seattle flagship, styled by Nordstrom stylist Keara Matthiesen in a Comme des Garçons tee and Molly Goddard Grace skirt (Nordstrom exclusive) with Ashley Williams earrings. She holds wonderfully giftable zipper pouches from Undercover. Some items available in-store only; please call 1.888.282.6060 in the U.S. or 1.877.794.5304 in Canada for assistance. 

All images by Jessa Carter

We’re in favor of celebrating togetherness as often as possible, and we’re also in favor of looking at decor and party vibes in the same way we look at fashion: as a mix of classic motifs, artfully unearthed components and new, inventive spins on everything else.