Winter Hats for All Kinds of Weather Street Style Style

Hot Hat Styles to Keep You Warm This Winter

Photos by Crystal Nicodemus and Kristin Yamada

Not dressing for the weather is never in fashion—after all, shivering is pretty unflattering. And yet, sometimes cold weather accessories cramp our style. Especially when it comes to hats. Finding one that suits us and our attire is a challenge. One we accept!

Taking our cues from the street-style set, we’ve rounded up several hats and caps to keep us warm this winter. They’re all really so chic, we’re calling them this season’s crowning achievement.


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The Best Hats from Gucci’s Fall 2017 Show

Alessandro Michele is bringing haberdashery back—among so many other seemingly lost arts.

The designer’s fall 2017 runway show was once again an abundant display of his far-flung influences–and we mean that as the highest praise. Michele, who refers to collections as a “new story” or “chapter,” can seem downright pedantic in the obscurities he digs up. This season one could cite–if one ventured to–entomology, Orientalism, Jane Austen and AC/DC as just some of the references this weaver of worlds and garments wrought throughout his collection. And there are likely other more esoteric inspirations that informed him.

Gucci Fall 2017

Photos by Indigital Images

Although accessories like chain mail, rhinestone glasses, Gucci chest tattoos and manacled clutches were also on full display, this season his hats seemed the most wearable and wonderful. And we’re not talking the headscarves and headbands–or the hairstyles that looked like helmets–all of which were plenty, too.

From Hardee hats to turbans to balaclavas to chullos, here are some of the toppers that show why Michele’s brand of nostalgia is completely forward-looking–and not just old hat.


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Men’s Designer Hats for Fall 2016

Men's Designer Hats

If you’re at all inclined to wear a hat, fall is a good time to move to heavier fabrics: wool, knits, heavy cotton blends.

And if you’ve never worn a designer hat, visit one of our stores to give it a try. The details and feel of designer hats (all designer items, really) are best experienced in person—and certain designer brands and styles are sold only in selected stores. Call or stop by to see what’s available.

For a taste of what we carry at the intersection of designer brands and cold-weather hats, here’s a 360 view of styles by Gucci and Givenchy.

SHOP: men’s designer hats


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The Hat Is Back in These Shapes for Fall

There were ruffles on the runway. Culottes were in the streets. ’70s chic was everywhere. But one thing unequivocally concluded by this past Fashion Month: the hat is back for women this fall. There were toppers in London, Panamas in Paris and throngs of boaters, derbys and fedoras in New York.

Here are some of our favorite millinery moments from all the fashion cities, paired with the hats to recreate them. It’s a great way to top off your look this season—and next.
Brixton Buckley floppy wool hat

Street photos by Crystal Nicodemus

A broad wool hat provides exceptional coverage from the elements, be it rain or wind, during the fall. Wool is a strong fabric, able to resist water while maintaining its shape. This Brixton floppy wool hat has a slightly western aesthetic without going into cowboy territory, and its wide brim flatters the face by framing your features. We like it with sexy shoulders and minimal makeup.

A classic beret seen on the streets of London during Fashion Week.

This mademoiselle, spied on the London scene, pulled off perfectly matched accessories with a polished mien that helped her stand out from the other English roses. Berets always lend a jaunty air to an outfit, but can come off a bit costumey: The trick is in the styling (no scarf, no baguette, no cigarette). We love how this red version adds a pop of color to an autumn outfit. But there’s no need to match your accessories or outerwear to your hat; use it to accent your outfit in a shade that complements your coloring.

Try this Parkhurst beret in a water-repellent wool for a traditional style. If you feel like adding a textural element, don a knit, like this Free People chunky knit beret in ivory. We think they’re très chic and a super-practical way to protect your coiffure from whatever the weather.



What to Get for Mother’s Day with Hippie in Disguise’s Danielle Chassin

Moms know best, so we asked some of the coolest ones we know to give us the skinny on personal style, what motherhood means to them and, of course, what’s on their wish list as May 10 approaches.


It’s no secret that mothers juggle pretty crazy schedules. For Ottawa, Canada-based Danielle Chassin, that means pulling a day shift as a policy strategist for the Canadian government, caring for her 10-year-old daughter, Ro, and 4-year-old son, Sen, and still finding the time to run a successful side hustle as photographer and lifestyle blogger for her site Hippie in Disguise. She tells The Thread, “I also collaborate with charities, brands and stores to share products I love with my online community.”

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What to Wear to a Music Festival, Hat Edition

Image courtesy Brixton

‘Tis the season when we begin to spend multiple hours outside in the sun, sometimes forgetting to take care of our fragile human shells. You know, music festival season.

And not to be a huge bummer, but we should talk about sunstroke and sunburning.

These things happen. They are serious. And like dehydration, they are dangerously easy to allow. Please be careful out there, OK? Don’t wriggity wreck yourself.

Check yourself: Drink water. Wear sunscreen. And bring a hat.

If we may guide you, our whole collection of Brixton hats is worth your perusal. That’s the Sophia, above.

Shop: Brixton


Krochet Kids: Portraits of Empowerment

Krochet Kids is much more than adorable hats (although they certainly do have those). It’s an innovative, socially responsible nonprofit that operates on the simple principle that a handout only goes so far.

It starts by offering impoverished women in Uganda and Peru a steady job; for many, this represents the first time they can confidently feed and care for their families. While earning a fair wage for skillfully crafting Krochet Kids hats and apparel, the women also take classes and meet with mentors, building knowledge that helps them to save wisely, invest and even start their own businesses.

KK sums it up in one powerful word: Empowerment. Keep reading to learn more, including the success stories of five inspiring women and how you can personally thank the exact woman who made your item.

Read More >

Fashion Week Street Style

Scene Snaps: New York Fashion Week Accessories

Our street-style photographer, Crystal Nicodemus, spotted so many amazing accessories in New York that we decided to do an entire Scene Snaps highlighting the best bags, jewelry, hats and more.

See all of Crystal’s Scene Snaps at New York Fashion Week, and stay tuned for her updates from London.

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Buy a Hat, Change a Life with Krochet Kids

The brainchild of three young college men, the nonprofit Krochet Kids International has one mission: to empower people to rise above poverty.

They’re doing just that—empowering—by teaching women in Uganda to crochet hats, the profits of which go directly back to the hat’s maker to help her break the cycle of poverty and dependence on humanitarian aid. We’re happy to announce that these hats are now available both online and in store. It was our pleasure to speak with Stewart Ramsey, co-founder of Krochet Kids, about the program’s goals and how it all came to life.

What gave you the idea to start Krochet Kids?

In our naivety, my friends and I wanted to change the world! But in reality, Krochet Kids started because we listened to the need. In traveling and volunteering in different places around the world, we made friends with people who were often subjected to unjust and difficult circumstances—things like war, disease, famine and living on less than $2 a day. In an effort to help with the little resources we had as a group of young college boys, we turned to crocheting as an opportunity to employ people who wanted to work. With yarn and hook in hand, we traveled to Africa and taught a small group of women how to crochet hats.

What do you want customers to know about you?

First, I’d want customers to know that we are a nonprofit. We are fully transparent about how much of a hat purchase actually changes the life of the person who signed it. Our customers need to understand that by purchasing a hat, a woman is able to provide food, water, clothes and education for up to six dependents. Purchasing a hat literally pulls people out of poverty, those living on less than $2 a day. It also allows for the next generation to be educated, so they can pursue their own hopes and dream. Customers have an opportunity to get to know the person that made their product and interact with them on our website.

Why partner with Nordstrom?

Nordstrom has an amazing role in all of this. Together, the more hats we sell, the more lives we change. For instance, to get ready for our first Nordstrom order, Krochet Kids grew from 10 ladies to 100 in a matter of months. The total impact grew from 60 individuals being directly impacted to 600. That is just the direct impact; there is an indirect impact of another 22 individuals per beneficiary. Villages in Northern Uganda are experiencing the positive effects of global economics in ways they never have before. It’s an opportunity to educate customers about a new product and a new way of doing business that is beneficial to the world.

What’s next for Krochet Kids?

Krochet Kids will continue to grow in sub-Saharan Africa by employing more women and sourcing raw materials. In addition to growth in Africa, we have already taken trips to countries in South America and Asia where women and their families find themselves in destitute situations. Krochet Kids will expand its product offering from around the globe and change lives while we do it.

You can purchase Krochet Kids online or in store at The Rail and BP.