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Street Style: How Four International Cities Are Wearing Athleisure Now

It’s no longer fair to call athleisure (aka sportscore) a trend. Its staying power has been cemented by its 2016 entry in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The sporty casual style that began with the sneaker craze and went on to inspire joggers (tailored sweatpants) now touches fashion at all levels: designers Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney have both collaborated with adidas; for Spring 2017, Versace incorporated nylon and spandex for an urban, athletic look and Vera Wang outfitted a cabal of health goths. Designers from Rihanna for Fenty Puma to Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Fendi construct sneakers meant for going out for a drink rather than a jog.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Spring 2017 Copenhagen Fashion Week attendee 

But the style is much more complicated than sneakers and yoga leggings. While its appeal lies in comfort and simplicity, the new way to wear athleisure is to inject some obvious non-workout components. Flashier elements like tulle skirts, jaunty scarves and luxury handbags signal that the wearer is adopting the style, not coming straight from the gym. We snapped some successful instances of the lifestyle look on the streets of Copenhagen, Los Angeles, New York and Stockholm. Here are some ways to wear athleisure now.



Listen Up! Magic Fades and Health Goth

‘Twas the season to indulge, friends, but henceforth ‘tis the season to atone. Throughout the month of January, we’ll be bringing you all sorts of Wellness Realness—information and inspiration you can use to get out of lax mode and into good-for-you mode. Or, at least, stop eating cookies for lunch and skipping your morning run.

Image by Chris Cantino

We go hard on the elliptical machine to their DJ mixes and feel all emotional while playing their pop/hip-hop/dance album “Push Thru.” But at this moment, we mostly respect the hell out of the guys in the duo Magic Fades–Portland, Oregon, musician-athletes Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott–for their success as curators of Health Goth, the influential Facebook page that in 2014 propelled them to recent meetings as consultants with Adidas.

They’ve done it all with some in-house digital design (in partnership with Chris Cantino and Jan-Peter Gieseking) but mostly just their own taste and the belief that they know what’s dope, and a lot of passion for sneakers like the Nic Galway-designed Adidas Tubulars and these wet-looking Air Maxes. On the phone, Grabarek and Scott talked to us about their partnership with Adidas, fit-for-life attitudes and how Health Goth represents an attack on Portland’s dream of the 1890s.

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