Zella Pro Rachael DeVaux Dishes on Her Health and Wellness Goals

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Hyping ourselves up for a workout is no easy task, but with the right gym gear and a pep talk from our fitness guru, we find the motivation we need to be active. Enter Rachael DeVaux of Rachael’s Good Eats, the registered dietician and personal trainer with a wealth of health and wellness knowledge. We asked Rachael about her favorite workout, how she keeps disciplined and what she likes to wear for her sweat sessions. Ahead, she teaches us that achieving #fitnessgoals begins with a positive attitude.


Nike Air Max 270 Style

The Evolution of Nike Air Max

Since legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield put the brand’s revolutionary air technology on display in 1987, the Air Max has earned a devoted following that includes sneakerheads, athletes, pop stars and, most recently, the fashion elite. Rita Ora rocks them on- and offstage, and Beyoncé has been spotted in a pair (in Liquid Gold, of course). Fashion Week attendees count on the sneaker for walking comfortably from show to show, and minimalist-style-queen Phoebe Philo pairs them with understated separates. The sneaker is majorly cushioned, incredibly innovative and super fly—a solid streetwear staple. March is Nike Air Max month and to celebrate, we’re looking back at a few iterations of the game-changing sneaker.



How Moon Juice’s Amanda Chantal Bacon Handles Stress

Amanda Chantal Bacon knows a thing about being busy. As the founder of Moon Juice—the high-vibe destination consisting of three L.A. cafés, plus a line of potent plant-based potions—she’s attracted a cult following, counted celebs like Gwyneth and Karlie Kloss among her clientele, and ascended to modern wellness stardom. No stranger to competing demands, she shared with us her tips for handling stress, and her knowledge of how plants can help.


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Krista Williams Gets Ready with HUM Nutrition

When it comes to wellness and beauty advice, blogger and podcaster Krista Williams always keeps it real. She demystifies the worlds of spirituality, health and well-being on The Hundred Blog and as the host of the the Almost 30 podcast, dishing out real talk like your most trusted BFF.

We could think of no one better than our personal lifestyle guru to guide us through the onslaught of beauty supplements available on the market. Williams graciously answered the call and invited us behind the scenes of her morning, revealing that the secret to her glow starts from the inside out. Below, Williams walks us through her morning routine with HUM Nutrition, her most trusted source for premium and clinically proven dietary supplements. You’re going to want to take notes.


ALALA Kea crop sports bra Style

Technical Enhancements: The Latest Developments in Sports Bras

It’s not often the most fun purchase to make, but a quality sports bra can change your life—and definitely improve your workout. Recent developments in athletic wear have also made this exercise gear much more interesting. There are new wicking fabrics, the inclusion of heat vents, hidden underwires, convertible bra straps, foam linings and other fascinating technical advancements to assist your assets. No longer just a practical, cleavage-eliminating option, women like the model Bella Hadid and the fashion blogger-cum-designer Chiarra Ferragni have been spotted on the street wearing the undergarb in some decidedly non-sporty but very sexy get-ups.

If your goal is more geared to eliminating bounce during burpees, though, we’ve rounded up the state-of-the-art performance options you should try. They’re also quite stylish, so you might just consider wearing them out beyond the gym.


10 Things to Find Your Chill Beauty

Just Relax: 10 Things That Are Helping Us Chill Right Now

As we’re about to enter the most wonderful time of the year (and the busiest, the most expensive, and the booziest) we’d like to take this moment to remind you to take care of yourself. Although shopping for and pampering ourselves is rarely a struggle, sometimes the things we consume aren’t that good for us. Instead of the popular exhortation to treat yourself, this season we’re calling on you to take care of yourself. To help, here are a few of the fun ways we’re finding our chill.


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Zella in Your Corner: 3 Basic Boxing Drills to Know Before You Get in the Ring

This October, Zella observes 10 years in the activewear industry. To get into the celebratory swing of things, the Nordstrom-exclusive brand is honoring the occasion with a special capsule collection dedicated to a burgeoning sport with some serious fighting spirit: women’s boxing.

While female competitors have been throwing punches since at least the 18th century, boxing has been largely considered a macho, male-dominated sport for most of its history. Even today, physical aggression is seen as a man’s specialty, despite female fighting phenoms like Claressa Shields and Cecilia Braekhus making regular ESPN headlines. But the world of women’s boxing is only ramping up—and we’re hoping this new collection inspires a few more million-dollar babies out there.

For one, it delivers a full-body workout that tones almost every muscle and incinerates up to 900 calories an hour. (That’s twice as many calories as your average foray on the elliptical machine.) Boxing’s inherently short bursts of extreme cardio are proven to burn more fat than a steady-going cardio session and continue to burn calories post-workout. It’s also incredibly empowering and fun. When you’re punching bags and lifting weights in fast and furious drills, your endorphins are cranked to 11. You’re building strength, honing hand-eye coordination and learning practical self-defense skills. You’re firing on all cylinders, pummeling the day’s stresses away.

Not into human combat? No problem! In fact, most boxing students never step into the ring. Some don’t even spar (when two people practice fighting against each other). It’s a choose-your-own-intensity sport where you control the level of involvement. What matters is you’re getting your heart rate up, working muscles head to toe and managing stress in a healthy way.


Candice Huffine Interviews

This Girl Can: Model Candice Huffine on Learning to Run and Changing Her Life

Candice Huffine is not only a successful model and self-confessed champion of fashion for all but an advocate for believing you can do anything you put your mind to. For her, that challenge was learning to run. In the last year, Candice has gone from rookie to running marathons in what she calls a “life-changing experience.”

What inspired you to start running?

A dare! At the end of 2015, my husband and I were on vacation setting goals for the upcoming year. I thought of career, as I always do, and laughed hysterically when he suggested I add “run a half marathon” to my list of future plans. Growing up, I was active but avoided purely running as much as possible. In my mind, it was something you did for punishment in gym class, or reserved for a group of people who were born small and fast. I longed to add a sport into my lifestyle, but naturally always kept running at arm’s length. I worried I would do it wrong, be too slow or literally just be physically incapable. I let that doubt take hold for many years before that one fateful day when my husband said, “I dare you.” I like to say that he must’ve gotten me on a good day because that was the day I chose to stop telling myself “I can’t” and changed it to “I will.”


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Coconut Milk Baths and Tourmaline Masks: A Chat with the Couple Behind Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals founders Alexander and Jlulia

Be it lemon juice in your locks, yogurt facials or cucumber slices on your eyelids, most of us have dabbled in natural beauty remedies—to varying degrees of success.

Thankfully, husband and wife team Alexander Kummerow and Julia Wills will do the researching and formulating for you. Their company, Herbivore Botanicals, has quickly gone from an Etsy shop to the darling of glossy beauty editors, and for good reason. Their ethically sourced, cruelty-free, all-natural and lovely packaged products appeal to our finer sensibilities—but more importantly, their oils, bath salts, face masks and soaps really work, often quite quickly.

We spoke with the cute couple about their growing business and how they source ingredients, which they were doing in Hawaii when we caught up with them.


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Give Your Makeup Routine a Cleanse: Effective Natural Beauty Products to Adopt

Our fridges are stocked with cold-pressed juice. Our Pinterest board is compiled with healthy recipes. With the promise of a fresh start, the new year always inspires a renewed resolve to live our best lives—or a life like Gwyneth’s. And along with upgrading our diet, it’s time to take a good, hard look inside our makeup bags.

Natural Beauty products at Nordstrom

The beauty industry has been quietly undergoing a natural revolution—but put aside thoughts of your hippy aunt’s patchouli-scented lip balm. Natural beauty products, ones that are completely phthalate-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free, are now just as innovative, effective and luxurious as their mainstream counterparts.

We’ve put together a slideshow of some of our favorite, most groundbreaking natural products to jump-start your beauty routine this year.